Monday, March 23, 2009

Tell them the fairytale gone bad

Now it's official! I have knitted my first pair of socks . And I made J.R. to wear my white tights so I could get a nice picture of them. He does basically anything for me if I just ask. Anyway. I said that I would fix all the bugs with the next socks... but I didn't. I ran into the same troubles but I still didn't know what to do with them. But I should look at the bright side: they look more alike now.

I haven't started the Kiwi heads yet. I just need a little break from knitting, so I've been working on my fawn instead. I started the fawn for like ages ago, but I didn't have wire for the legs so I had to put it aside. I like to modify amigurumi patterns, mostly because I want to make something new and unique. So for the body and the head I followed Beth Doherty's "Friends Forever Fawn" pattern from her book, "Amigurumi Super Happy Crochet Cute", but for the legs I decided to make eight spider legs. It was actually J.R's idea, I was going to give her just six regular legs at first.

Pathetic little creature

I finally got some wire, but now I'm not exactly happy with the legs. I could have done them so much better. But this project is just so uninspiring at the moment that I want to move onto the next project. I won't redo anything.

PS: The fawn's project name "Fairytale Gone Bad" comes from a Finnish pop song. You can view the music video here on Youtube.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Cabled Mittens

Amoena lost her mittens last week so I promised to make her new ones. The timing was quite good actually. I had just finished my scarf, so I could cast them on right away. Or right after she had decided the pattern.

Amoena had few options, two basic mittens with different images and not-so-basic cabled mittens. In the end she chose the cabled ones: Very Cabley Mittens . One reason for that might have been that she knew I've really wanted to try knitting cables. Though maybe not this type of basic two strand but 4-strand braid or something. But it was fun anyway.

Pattern was quite simple, easy and fast to knit. And the outcome is fantastic:

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Amoena's Kiwisocks

I've been knitting my socks quite actively lately. I've already finished the first sock and it was a lot easier to knit than I originally thought. I guess it's because I have a very good teacher: J.R. helped me through all the confusing parts I couldn't handle by myself. I'm not very good at understanding knitting patterns. I have tried to learn, but I think they're even more cryptic than crochet patterns. I'm so happy that I don't really have to worry about the patterns because J.R. interprets them for me. I just hope he stays patient with me...

J.R. is modeling for me.

I'm quite pleased with my first sock. After all, it does look like a sock so how could I not be pleased? Even the size is perfect! I'm not completely happy with the heel, though. I didn't know you should also count the stitches you don't knit (J.R. said that they are called slip stitches or something) so I have extra stitches here and there. I also think that the heel is popping out in a strange way but that could be just my imagination too. Anyway. I'm going to fix these minor bugs with the next sock, even though it means that the socks will turn out slightly different-looking.

Though my socks will be slightly different-looking anyway... because I'm going to sew Kiwi heads to the socks.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Keemosahbee Scarf

I got a new coat few months back, and since it's all black, we though that a scarf could go well with it. I'm not really a scarf-person (unlike Amoena who wears scarves all the time), I really haven't had any scarves ever. That's why I knew the pattern had to be almost perfect so that I would want to wear it. It took some time but I did find it: Keemosahbee by knitboy1. Actually it wasn't knitboy1's pattern I first found fantastic, but CraftyKiwi's Keemosahbee Scarf .

The scarf was very fast and easy to knit. Almost too easy. You just repeat the four rounds over and over again until your scarf is in desired length. I found that bit boring, and that's probably why I managed to use two weeks to finish.

Anyway, it looks great!

Holes give the scarf a nice, lacy look

I used 7-Veljestä by Novita in dark grey color which I got as a early birthday present from my mother-in-law-to-be. I really like that the yarn has some little variations in color so the scarf isn't just constant grey.

Only thing I don't like about the scarf is that it curls. Well, stockinette usually does that, but it's also possible that I didn't do the one stitch slip-knit garterlike border correctly or tight enough so it doesn't keep the scarf flat. I think I can live with the curl, but I'm going to try some day soon if some kind of crocheted border works. Otherwise I'm very happy with the outcome.