Friday, March 13, 2009

Keemosahbee Scarf

I got a new coat few months back, and since it's all black, we though that a scarf could go well with it. I'm not really a scarf-person (unlike Amoena who wears scarves all the time), I really haven't had any scarves ever. That's why I knew the pattern had to be almost perfect so that I would want to wear it. It took some time but I did find it: Keemosahbee by knitboy1. Actually it wasn't knitboy1's pattern I first found fantastic, but CraftyKiwi's Keemosahbee Scarf .

The scarf was very fast and easy to knit. Almost too easy. You just repeat the four rounds over and over again until your scarf is in desired length. I found that bit boring, and that's probably why I managed to use two weeks to finish.

Anyway, it looks great!

Holes give the scarf a nice, lacy look

I used 7-Veljestä by Novita in dark grey color which I got as a early birthday present from my mother-in-law-to-be. I really like that the yarn has some little variations in color so the scarf isn't just constant grey.

Only thing I don't like about the scarf is that it curls. Well, stockinette usually does that, but it's also possible that I didn't do the one stitch slip-knit garterlike border correctly or tight enough so it doesn't keep the scarf flat. I think I can live with the curl, but I'm going to try some day soon if some kind of crocheted border works. Otherwise I'm very happy with the outcome.

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