Sunday, March 15, 2009

Amoena's Kiwisocks

I've been knitting my socks quite actively lately. I've already finished the first sock and it was a lot easier to knit than I originally thought. I guess it's because I have a very good teacher: J.R. helped me through all the confusing parts I couldn't handle by myself. I'm not very good at understanding knitting patterns. I have tried to learn, but I think they're even more cryptic than crochet patterns. I'm so happy that I don't really have to worry about the patterns because J.R. interprets them for me. I just hope he stays patient with me...

J.R. is modeling for me.

I'm quite pleased with my first sock. After all, it does look like a sock so how could I not be pleased? Even the size is perfect! I'm not completely happy with the heel, though. I didn't know you should also count the stitches you don't knit (J.R. said that they are called slip stitches or something) so I have extra stitches here and there. I also think that the heel is popping out in a strange way but that could be just my imagination too. Anyway. I'm going to fix these minor bugs with the next sock, even though it means that the socks will turn out slightly different-looking.

Though my socks will be slightly different-looking anyway... because I'm going to sew Kiwi heads to the socks.

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