Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another Apple Cozy

I crocheted another apple cozy on Friday. I went to visit my parents and my mother told me that my sister's birthday was on the next day. I had no idea because some time ago I accidentally erased all my calendar entries, including birthdays. I felt sorry because I didn't have a birthday present for her, so I decided to crochet her an apple cozy. My mother doesn't knit much, so she didn't really have any excess yarn laying around. I found one half-knitted mitten (that was actually knitted by my sister!) and unraveled it. Sometimes you don't have a choice.

I like this apple cozy better. The white color looks very nice with the red apple. Very elegant. I didn't follow the pattern exactly, because I had to rely on my memory. I think I added few extra rows because this cozy covers the apple more nicely. My sister seemed to like her apple cozy, or at least she thought it was funny. I did gave her some Aino Aalto drinking glasses too, because I managed to have some extra time for shopping on Saturday.


Kathleen said...

Very cool apple cozy, although I confess I never would have thought of making one myself. And probably the idea of an apple cozy wouldn't have occured to me, except that I've read it now and am obsessed with the idea of making cozies for my apples now. ;o)

Amoena said...

I never thought of making one either, until I saw the pattern. I think it's a very good idea, since it really prevents the apple from getting bruised. And I don't like bruised apples!

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