Friday, April 17, 2009

Grannie's Traditional Tea Cosy

I found this tea cozy pattern some time ago. I really liked the look of the pucker, and since I had nothing in my queue I decided to cast this on.

Took me few tries to get the idea of how to make the pucker. And now I think I'm pulling the yarn too tightly.. The base is just about 20cm, instead of 26cm. Although it is quite stretchy, I'm not sure if it's stretchy enough. Also if stretched too much it won't preserve the heat as efficiently. I think I'll just make few small extra pieces to make it larger or something if it's way too small.


Elina said...

Looks delicious. Like candy.

J.R. said...

Elina: Now that you mention it, that red-white is the common candy cane color combination. And it looks great in both candies and cozies. Unfortunately this one is not edible :P

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