Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Miss Baa-Baa-Piggy

I really don't know how to explain how I got the idea for this. Let's just say that the idea is combination of the facts that Amoena calls me piglet sometimes (I hope that it's because she thinks I'm cute and pink and not that I stink and eat everything or something) and that "Mää" is Finnish onomatopoeia for sheep and also a sign of boredom, frustration etc, at least for us (same as "blah" in English). 1+1 = baaing piglet, or määkyvä possu. Or Miss Baa-Baa-Piggy :

Am I cute or what?

I used Beth Doherty's Piglet-pattern from her book Amigurumi Super Happy Crochet Cute and for the fur I simply attached pieces of yarn to the body and fulled it. It didn't full as much as I wanted because the yarn I used is only 75% wool and because I was lazy and didn't work it as much as I could. I've wanted to try making a fur like this and as I thought, it looks great!


Elina said...

So it's a pig with a sheep skin? I don't know about any real pigs with that long hair. Or wool. :p

J.R. said...

Elina: Yep, a pig with sheep's skin/fur :)

MysteryKnitter said...

Looks nice.

Lotti said...

I saw this cutest creature in Suuri Käsityölehti and I had to come to see your websites and it looks really nice:)

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