Thursday, May 21, 2009

Don't worry. We'll keep you warm.

Our new puppy, a miniature pinscher called Papu, is getting all our time and attention. When she's awake, it's a full time job. You have to feed her, play with her and take her out for a pee. And when she's asleep, and she's sleeping a lot, we mostly talk about her. How to raise her, how to keep her happy and healthy and how to keep her out of troubles. She completely fills our life now. I still don't regret getting her. Things will settle down and then we're definitely back to knitting and crocheting. And I hope that she will learn to leave the balls of yarn alone.

Here's our little yarn terrorist.

But not knitting doesn't mean that we don't think about knitting. At least I've been thinking what to knit her for winter. Miniature pinschers are sensitive for cold and we happen to live in Finland, where it's not summer all year round. I've already searched through all the free Ravelry patterns and here are my top three favorites:

Houndstooth Dog Sweater (pdf) by Jean Guirguis

Crocheted Dog Sweater by mlomeister

BucaLicious Sweater by Machelle Salmeen

There are plenty of adorable knitted dog sweaters and coats. It will be so hard to decide when the winter comes. I also saw one not-knitted winter coat in a pet store which I thought was really pretty. I also thought it was really expensive, but I took pictures of it. Dog clothes aren't so hard to sew, so maybe I sew it by myself, using the pictures as a guide.

I love the color, the style and the round buttons...

And I realized that the are also other stuff you can knit for your dog beside clothes. For example, I think this felted dog leash is absolutely fabulous:

Renaissance Felted Dog Leash (pdf) by Leigh Radford

Knitted dog beds are fabulous too, but I think that as long as our Papu is still a puppy, she would eat it right away. She just likes to chew things.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Granny Square Earrings

Amoena saw AnotherGreeley’s Gran-Gran’s Squares Earrings some time ago and asked me to make her ones too. Since I had nothing in my queue after finishing my pot holder and since Amoena got a pair of earring hooks from her mother last time we visited them, I decided to make these.

Last time I made granny squares was like ages ago, so I had to search for some basic pattern. I did add some extra holes just to make it look better. A bit lacier look appeals atleast to me more than almost solid black.

This one was a quick, and small, project, took me only an hour or so to finish. Great thing about these is that the hook isn't attached to the earrings in any way, so I can make as many different versions of these as I want and Amoena can just attach the hook to the ones she feels like wearing. She really likes pendant earrings and wears those every day, so I'm quite sure that these will be a good addition to her collection.

Friday, May 15, 2009

It's a dog... it's a myriapod... It's Myriadog!

I seriously can't believe how much time this project took. I should have listened to J.R, he tried to warn me. I thought I could handle this. And I did handle this. But there were times when I couldn't care less about this project. There were times when I was totally unmotivated. Times when I simply didn't want to crochet this piece of amigurumi anymore. But I'm a fighter, and I finished it. Eventually. And I don't mind that it's not as nice as I wanted it to be. It's finished, for God's sake! It means that I can move on now. I can crochet something more inspiring. Or maybe even knit!

So here's my myriadog in all his glory

I gave him eight legs, because I couldn't fit more to this body. So basically he lacks 992 legs. Damn those limits! Though I think that the blue ribbon evens things a bit. What he lacks in legs, he gots in cuteness. Or something. The head is still too small. But I guess bugs generally have smaller heads, since their brains are smaller too? Right? Right?!

Enough with the babble... This was my last Beth Doherty modification. I promise. I don't do harm to her awesome patterns anymore. They're better than this. But here's a group photo, sans J.R's Miss Baa-Baa-Piggy:

Freaks, just hanging out like usually

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My way of not knitting

In my last post I said that I really need to study and not to knit. Well, I've been studying, a lot I'd say. But somehow I've managed to knit too. I finished my Grannie's traditional pot holder in time and gave it to my mom. It actually took me only about an evening to finish the main part. I also made a red stockinette layer to cover the yarns on the wrong side.

And that's not all!

Another project I started, and finished, is Grey Toe the ferret . Amoena found the pattern from Pet Heaven and asked me to knit it for her. It took me only couple of days to finish it. Knitting this was fun, fast and easy. Main reason for that might be that my pot holder was very thick and tight knit, but this one was much looser.

The name of this little fellow comes from, surprise surprise, its grey toe. I ran out of brown yarn so I had to finish the last leg in grey. Amoena wanted it to be very hand made looking, and it sure is. She loves it. She even takes it to bed with her.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Who let the dog out?

Where did last week go? Where did April go? Why my Myriadog is not yet finished? Gosh. I was supposed to work on my Myriadog, but apparently something happened. The weekend happened. We went shopping and bought a garden table for our balcony. Now we can enjoy our morning tea in the sun (though it doesn't shine often). That's pretty cool. And on Sunday we celebrated our one year (of dating) anniversary. Hooray for J.R. and Amoena!

But I did finish the head and the ears of my Myriadog. It can see and hear now. Or he will when I sew the head to the body. The head turned out a bit too small compared to the body, but I decided to keep it that way. I'm too lazy to redo the whole head. At least the ears are perfect (not necessarily perfectly positioned, though).

Dogs love to sniff everything green?

By the way, J.R. has been a totally bad boy. He said that he can't knit because he has to study for the university entrance exams. But he has been knitting! And I have let that happen because he's knitting a very cute ferret for me... Shame on me.