Thursday, May 21, 2009

Don't worry. We'll keep you warm.

Our new puppy, a miniature pinscher called Papu, is getting all our time and attention. When she's awake, it's a full time job. You have to feed her, play with her and take her out for a pee. And when she's asleep, and she's sleeping a lot, we mostly talk about her. How to raise her, how to keep her happy and healthy and how to keep her out of troubles. She completely fills our life now. I still don't regret getting her. Things will settle down and then we're definitely back to knitting and crocheting. And I hope that she will learn to leave the balls of yarn alone.

Here's our little yarn terrorist.

But not knitting doesn't mean that we don't think about knitting. At least I've been thinking what to knit her for winter. Miniature pinschers are sensitive for cold and we happen to live in Finland, where it's not summer all year round. I've already searched through all the free Ravelry patterns and here are my top three favorites:

Houndstooth Dog Sweater (pdf) by Jean Guirguis

Crocheted Dog Sweater by mlomeister

BucaLicious Sweater by Machelle Salmeen

There are plenty of adorable knitted dog sweaters and coats. It will be so hard to decide when the winter comes. I also saw one not-knitted winter coat in a pet store which I thought was really pretty. I also thought it was really expensive, but I took pictures of it. Dog clothes aren't so hard to sew, so maybe I sew it by myself, using the pictures as a guide.

I love the color, the style and the round buttons...

And I realized that the are also other stuff you can knit for your dog beside clothes. For example, I think this felted dog leash is absolutely fabulous:

Renaissance Felted Dog Leash (pdf) by Leigh Radford

Knitted dog beds are fabulous too, but I think that as long as our Papu is still a puppy, she would eat it right away. She just likes to chew things.


Elina said...

Toi eka malli näyttää kivoimmalta, mut mikään noista väreistä ei oikeen sovi Papulle/Pavulle... Muista jättää kasvunvaraa!

Amoena said...

Elina: Mä en kyllä oikein tiedä mikä väri pavulle sopisi. Se on aika kovis. Ehkä joku musta ja siihen vähän niittejä? :D

Elina said...

Vaikea sanoa kyllä. Pinkki ehkä? :P Harmaa on jotenki vanhentava. Tumma sininen olis ehkä ok. Siniharmaa? said...

Oh. my. goodness! Adorable doggy knits! I have a chi... he may be very well dressed soon :)

Rebekah said...

oh, your new puppy is adorable! I just want to snuggle her! So sweet!

Salakirjoja said...

Kaunis mutta vaarallinen minulle, kun satun olemaan allerginen. Mutta suloinen hän on silti! Toivottavasti hän tottuu vaatteisiinsa.

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