Saturday, May 16, 2009

Granny Square Earrings

Amoena saw AnotherGreeley’s Gran-Gran’s Squares Earrings some time ago and asked me to make her ones too. Since I had nothing in my queue after finishing my pot holder and since Amoena got a pair of earring hooks from her mother last time we visited them, I decided to make these.

Last time I made granny squares was like ages ago, so I had to search for some basic pattern. I did add some extra holes just to make it look better. A bit lacier look appeals atleast to me more than almost solid black.

This one was a quick, and small, project, took me only an hour or so to finish. Great thing about these is that the hook isn't attached to the earrings in any way, so I can make as many different versions of these as I want and Amoena can just attach the hook to the ones she feels like wearing. She really likes pendant earrings and wears those every day, so I'm quite sure that these will be a good addition to her collection.


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