Friday, May 15, 2009

It's a dog... it's a myriapod... It's Myriadog!

I seriously can't believe how much time this project took. I should have listened to J.R, he tried to warn me. I thought I could handle this. And I did handle this. But there were times when I couldn't care less about this project. There were times when I was totally unmotivated. Times when I simply didn't want to crochet this piece of amigurumi anymore. But I'm a fighter, and I finished it. Eventually. And I don't mind that it's not as nice as I wanted it to be. It's finished, for God's sake! It means that I can move on now. I can crochet something more inspiring. Or maybe even knit!

So here's my myriadog in all his glory

I gave him eight legs, because I couldn't fit more to this body. So basically he lacks 992 legs. Damn those limits! Though I think that the blue ribbon evens things a bit. What he lacks in legs, he gots in cuteness. Or something. The head is still too small. But I guess bugs generally have smaller heads, since their brains are smaller too? Right? Right?!

Enough with the babble... This was my last Beth Doherty modification. I promise. I don't do harm to her awesome patterns anymore. They're better than this. But here's a group photo, sans J.R's Miss Baa-Baa-Piggy:

Freaks, just hanging out like usually


adorably alice said...

It's wonderful! Great job!

Elina said...

The head looks just fine to me, since I don't know the original reference. Wouldn't worry about it. :)

He's one cute cucumber. Legs so chubby and tail and nose so cheerful. The legs kinda look like wheels and I imagine him going fast all over the floor :D

MysteryStitcher said...

So nice!

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