Monday, May 4, 2009

Who let the dog out?

Where did last week go? Where did April go? Why my Myriadog is not yet finished? Gosh. I was supposed to work on my Myriadog, but apparently something happened. The weekend happened. We went shopping and bought a garden table for our balcony. Now we can enjoy our morning tea in the sun (though it doesn't shine often). That's pretty cool. And on Sunday we celebrated our one year (of dating) anniversary. Hooray for J.R. and Amoena!

But I did finish the head and the ears of my Myriadog. It can see and hear now. Or he will when I sew the head to the body. The head turned out a bit too small compared to the body, but I decided to keep it that way. I'm too lazy to redo the whole head. At least the ears are perfect (not necessarily perfectly positioned, though).

Dogs love to sniff everything green?

By the way, J.R. has been a totally bad boy. He said that he can't knit because he has to study for the university entrance exams. But he has been knitting! And I have let that happen because he's knitting a very cute ferret for me... Shame on me.


sunnie fairy said...

cute! That's the head for your cucumber? ;P

Amoena said...

Sunnie: That's right! Myriadog will be the first dog/vegetable hybrid :P

Elina said...

Now that song 'Who let the dogs out' keeps ringing in my head. Ta. :p

Elina said...

Kirjotähdet on muuten kivoja. Varsinkin kun ne kukkii.

Kathleen said...

Isn't this the cucumber? The head looks great. I can't wait to see it with a cucumber body!

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