Thursday, June 25, 2009

Papu's hexagon blanket

I guess it's no surprise that I decided to use Lucy's hexagon pattern . It's just too awesome. My blanket , though, is less awesome. I don't know how to use colors, so my blanket is white, gray, darker gray and black. In a way I like the colors I chose, they're boring, but they will go well with our living room decoration and Papu's black coat. I think that's important.

Papu is waiting patiently.

Anyway. I should work much harder to get the blanket finished. It's not going to be so big, but so far I've only made 26 hexagons and I will need plenty of more. The hexagons are very easy to make (despite my doubt), but it's not exactly fun to change color after each row and weave in like zillion ends. It takes a lot of enthusiasm to grab the crochet hook.

Papu's been interested in the blanket too. I'm using wool yarn and it probably smells like sheep since Papu likes to nibble it. I'm worried that she might eat the whole blanket once it's finished. It's hers and I can't watch her all the time. I just wish that she would be smart enough to sleep on it, or under it, and not eat it.

We have some new fine wood knitting needles too. I gave them to J.R. because he did something nice to me. I'm sure that J.R. will mention them in his next post. Or at least he should since they're so pretty.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Imagination Award

Amoena gave me an Imagination Award ages ago. I actually planned to post this earlier, but when I was writing this on Thursday, my boss said I can leave early. And since we were going to visit Amoena's parents for the weekend and wanted to get there before midsummer day traffic jams, I decided to postpone this post a little. Anyway, the rules for the award are:

Tell 5 things about your crafts you like the most...what inspires you to make home made gifts.
Send this award to 5 bloggers.

My things:
  1. I have a hobby, something to do when I have some spare time.
  2. I like the effortlessness of knitting: it only takes few seconds to grab a project and start knitting.
  3. Knitting, and crocheting, is relaxing way to satisfy my creative needs.
  4. I love the fact that I have someone to knit to. And that she wears something I made because she wants to.
  5. The possibilities of knitting are almost endless. I can make almost anything I want from simple potholders to sexy, lacy lingerie.
I have no one to give this to. Sniff.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

TYLC out in the wild

Today I knitted, or crocheted actually, first time in public. We participated in the WWKIPDay, in which we were invited by the people from Taito Helsky. It was quite a lot of fun. We crocheted, ate peas and enjoyed the weather, which in the end was very nice despite the forecast. Papu seemed to have quite a lot of fun too. She met a lot of people, few dogs and loved the peapods.

We crocheted, according to Taito Helskys plan, pot holders. I'm very pleased with mine, but Amoena didn't do as well. She wanted to make a simple, round pot holder. I hadn't printed any patterns for that so I just said her what to do, but it didn't work quite as well as I thought. Amoena is used to crochet amigurumis, so she crochets very tight. So her pot holder didn't stay flat because of the few extra stitches here and there.

Mine on the other hand stayed very flat. The pattern I used was Creadoos Gehaekelte Topflappen . The pattern is in German, so it took some time to make a rought translation. Luckily the pattern was quite simple.

Yellow and white with the flower-pattern give the pot holder summery look

I left my pot holder to the park for anyone to take, as it was planned by Taito Helsky. We put a little ad of our blog on it, so if you picked it up and found here, please drop a comment. I'd like to hear that my pot holder found a home.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Wohoo! My university entrance exams are over! And they went well! I can knit again in peace without thinking that I shouldn't be knitting but reading.

The exam was held in Helsinki, so I decided to check out Taito Shop Helsky at the same trip. After a quick stroll around the shop and a little chat with the saleswomen, I found out that they have bamboo-needles and some rarer yarns (=not sold in Prisma) so my original plan to just take a look got changed. I needed to find some yarns for Amoena to choose from for her Shawl Collar Vest by Amanda Berka I planned to cast on, so I took a few photos of the yarns I liked. Unfortunately they didn't have the 5mm needles I was looking for so I decided to go home empty handed.

Later in the afternoon after I had shown Amoena the photos, we decided to take a new visit there. This time together, so that Amoena can choose the color she wants. We took Papu with us since we didn't want to leave her home by herself, so the day was quite exciting for her too, as the center of attention, especially in the shop. I really wanted to try those bamboo-needles, so I bought a pair of 4.5mm needles by Addi. Not just what I wanted, but close enough. And Amoena chose the yarn she liked: wool-bamboo yarn Panda in green by Kauhavan Kangasaitta

Bamboo-knitting: light, smooth and easy.

The saleswomen in Taito Shop Helsky also invited us to WWKiPDay Helsinki . Their plan is to get people to knit some pot holders at the park across the street from their shop and leave the FOs there for anyone to take who needs them. They even sponsor the yarns so you don't have to use your own. You can find more information from their flyer: neulontapäivä (pdf in Finnish). If the weather is nice, you can most likely find us, and Papu, there!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Holy Hexagon

Papu had really exciting day yesterday. We took a train to Helsinki (that takes about 15 minutes) and visited Taito Shop Helsky, because J.R. wanted to buy some knitting supplies for his new project. All the ladies in the store loved Papu, and it's no wonder. She's simply adorable. She was also simply adorable when she fell asleep after the trip.

I have not crocheted or knitted in two and a half weeks, but I'm going to change that thing soon. I have already decided what my next project will be, even though it took me a while to figure it out. I'm going to make a small blanket for Papu. I've seen many pretty blanket patterns on Ravelry, but before Papu I had no reason to make one. Hooray for her existence!

There is especially one "blanket" pattern that drew my attention. It's the hexagon by Lucy of Attic24. I think her hexagons make an absolutely fabulous blanket. It wasn't Attic24 though where I first bumped into them, but Wool & Cotton. Alexandra is crocheting a hexagon blanket too and it caught my eye. I really adore her color choices:

Picture by Alexandra, taken from her blog Wool & Cotton.

I searched through Ravelry to find other blanket patterns that I might like, but I couldn't find a pattern more appealing than Lucy's hexagons. The making of the hexagons looked a bit tricky to me (even though Lucy's tutorial is out of doubt quite excellent), but I know that it doesn't look tricky to J.R., so I have no worries. He will teach me how to do it.