Thursday, June 4, 2009

Holy Hexagon

Papu had really exciting day yesterday. We took a train to Helsinki (that takes about 15 minutes) and visited Taito Shop Helsky, because J.R. wanted to buy some knitting supplies for his new project. All the ladies in the store loved Papu, and it's no wonder. She's simply adorable. She was also simply adorable when she fell asleep after the trip.

I have not crocheted or knitted in two and a half weeks, but I'm going to change that thing soon. I have already decided what my next project will be, even though it took me a while to figure it out. I'm going to make a small blanket for Papu. I've seen many pretty blanket patterns on Ravelry, but before Papu I had no reason to make one. Hooray for her existence!

There is especially one "blanket" pattern that drew my attention. It's the hexagon by Lucy of Attic24. I think her hexagons make an absolutely fabulous blanket. It wasn't Attic24 though where I first bumped into them, but Wool & Cotton. Alexandra is crocheting a hexagon blanket too and it caught my eye. I really adore her color choices:

Picture by Alexandra, taken from her blog Wool & Cotton.

I searched through Ravelry to find other blanket patterns that I might like, but I couldn't find a pattern more appealing than Lucy's hexagons. The making of the hexagons looked a bit tricky to me (even though Lucy's tutorial is out of doubt quite excellent), but I know that it doesn't look tricky to J.R., so I have no worries. He will teach me how to do it.


Elina said...

Tosi nätit värit.

sunnie fairy said...

oh, your doggy is so cute! :]

Amoena said...

Elina: Niin on. Mua harmittaa vietävästi kun täältä ei oikein saa noin kivoja lankoja ja värejä. Pitää tehdä vaan tavallisesta villalangasta ja käyttää tosi tylsiä värejä.

Alexandra said...

Wow! Papu is adorable!!! That's such a sweet picture!

The pattern is very easy! I didn't know how to crochet and I had no problems with it. Her instructions are very clear!

Thank you for posting the picture! (blushing)

Amoena said...

Alexandra: J.R. taught me how to make the hexagons, and it wasn't hard at all. I just need someone to tell me what to do, since I'm apparently totally unable to read crochet patterns :D

And than you for letting me to post your picture :P

MysteryStitcher said...

Ihana! Kyl sun versiostas tulee nätti. Mä tiedän sen.

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