Monday, June 22, 2009

Imagination Award

Amoena gave me an Imagination Award ages ago. I actually planned to post this earlier, but when I was writing this on Thursday, my boss said I can leave early. And since we were going to visit Amoena's parents for the weekend and wanted to get there before midsummer day traffic jams, I decided to postpone this post a little. Anyway, the rules for the award are:

Tell 5 things about your crafts you like the most...what inspires you to make home made gifts.
Send this award to 5 bloggers.

My things:
  1. I have a hobby, something to do when I have some spare time.
  2. I like the effortlessness of knitting: it only takes few seconds to grab a project and start knitting.
  3. Knitting, and crocheting, is relaxing way to satisfy my creative needs.
  4. I love the fact that I have someone to knit to. And that she wears something I made because she wants to.
  5. The possibilities of knitting are almost endless. I can make almost anything I want from simple potholders to sexy, lacy lingerie.
I have no one to give this to. Sniff.


Elina said...

I can't wait to see this sexy lacy lingerie.

J.R. said...

Elina: Me neither. Unfortunately there aren't that many good, free lingerie patterns. I've found one I think I'm going to use though.

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