Thursday, June 25, 2009

Papu's hexagon blanket

I guess it's no surprise that I decided to use Lucy's hexagon pattern . It's just too awesome. My blanket , though, is less awesome. I don't know how to use colors, so my blanket is white, gray, darker gray and black. In a way I like the colors I chose, they're boring, but they will go well with our living room decoration and Papu's black coat. I think that's important.

Papu is waiting patiently.

Anyway. I should work much harder to get the blanket finished. It's not going to be so big, but so far I've only made 26 hexagons and I will need plenty of more. The hexagons are very easy to make (despite my doubt), but it's not exactly fun to change color after each row and weave in like zillion ends. It takes a lot of enthusiasm to grab the crochet hook.

Papu's been interested in the blanket too. I'm using wool yarn and it probably smells like sheep since Papu likes to nibble it. I'm worried that she might eat the whole blanket once it's finished. It's hers and I can't watch her all the time. I just wish that she would be smart enough to sleep on it, or under it, and not eat it.

We have some new fine wood knitting needles too. I gave them to J.R. because he did something nice to me. I'm sure that J.R. will mention them in his next post. Or at least he should since they're so pretty.


Elina said...

Onhan se tolleenkin tyylikäs. Kivan näköinen kuvio kyllä..

Alexandra said...

The blanket looks very pretty! I like the colors, they match the decoration and Papu perfectly! I know how you feel about the ends, I haven't worked on my blanket for a while...

MysteryStitcher said...

Mahtavat värit! Kyllä koiran pitäisi tykätä.

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