Monday, July 6, 2009

Forgotten needles on one lovely blog

Alexandra gave us One Lovely Blog Award! Thanks! And yes, of course I agree with Amoena, your blog is lovely too.

I apologize for forgetting to mention about the needles Amoena gave me in my last post. I really did forget! I remembered those when we were going to bed and thought that it's already too late to update the post so I decided to post about them later. Though it took me bit more time as I originally thought. I have plenty of free time at work at the moment so I should knit less and blog more. Anyway, here are the needles she gave me:

4mm straight needles made from Surina wood. The knobs are really beautiful.

2.5mm ebony double-pointed needles. I already know the socks I'm going to knit with these.

The reason she gave those for me is because her laptop was broken and I made few phone calls so that it would be taken to Asus for some maintenance. My opinion is that it is my responsibility as her boyfriend to do things like that, but it did make me feel that she really appreciated it.


Amoena said...

I could give you gifts and surprises without any reason. Just because you're the best.

Elina said...


Alexandra said...

Beautiful needles!

MysteryStitcher said...

Pretty needles!

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