Thursday, July 30, 2009

¡No hay problemas!

My Bella Paquita is progressing steadily & with no problems. I've finished the bottom part and soon one of the sleeves. I ran out of yarn some time ago but luckily we found Ilsen Lanka while we were visiting Amoena's parents. They had Panda in stock so now I don't have to go to Helsinki just to get one skein of it. It even was the same batch. We also bought some furry discount yarns. Now I only need to finish the sleeves and sew them on.

It looks quite good without the sleeves too.

The seam didn't go as I planned.

I also sewed the darts on the shoulders, but I didn't dare to cut the parts out. I don't want my sweater to start unraveling at this point. The seam was supposed to be right on top of the shoulder, but I think I sewed it at the wrong place because it turns towards the back. I might try sewing it again, but it looks quite good as it is. But it could be better.

I also started a new project after I ran out of yarn. I wanted to try my new yarn so I casted on Assets of Evo . Knitting the yarn feels bit different because of the elasticity. Though only difficulty is to get the right tension. If I have understood correctly, there should be some tension, but it shouldn't be all stretched out.

Since the pattern is mostly just knitting with few wrap&turns, it's quite quick knit. Though, as usual, I didn't read the instructions on how to make the wrap&turn correctly so I had to make the first wraps and turns few times. When will I learn to read them first? I knew how to make them but I did them identically on both knit and purl sides so the yarn twisted after wrapping on the purl side. Also I had never heard of picking up the wraps so that was another problem. Anyway, it shouldn't take that long to finish this one.


Elina said...

Amoena looks like such a hot babe in that Paquita. Is the other one going to be shorts or something? Underwear?

J.R. said...

Elina: She truly does. The other one is going to be boy shorts. Not really underwear.

MysteryStitcher said...


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