Monday, July 13, 2009

Problemas con Bella Paquita

As I said before, I unraveled my Small Collar Vest and casted on Bella Paquita . After unraveling the yarn is curly and it's awful to knit something like that, so I wet the yarn and hang it with some weights so that it would dry straight. Well, as a weight I used a hammer. Only thing I didn't take into account was that wet yarn + iron = no no no! Now I have one skein of Panda with rust stains. Does anyone know how to get them off? I tried to soak it in soapy water but it didn't help. Luckily the stains aren't big so I might be able to live with it but it would still be nice to get them off.

Papu has also found the joy of destroying skeins. One day while we were shopping, Papu jumped on the table, took my freshly winded skein and had some fun!


... & after. Luckily this skein wasn't the one attached to the project.

Also I had some problems with the neckline lace. I blame the pattern though. At first I did as the pattern says: repeat 13 times and sew on. Well, it quite didn't work out. The lace wasn't flat at all. I tried to sew it on a few times with no luck. After that I decided to stretch it and sew it on like that. That did the trick and now it looks a bit more what it should look. All it needs now are small darts on the shoulders to assure that the lace sits flat on the back.

Without & with the stretch.

If it's supposed to work as the pattern says, I don't know what I did wrong. Needles are the same, yarn is about the same and I think I know how to read lace charts. Loose knit maybe? I don't know. Lace is often, if not always, pinned, but since the pattern said nothing about it I thought that it's not necessary.

Also I found it quite odd that in the lace charts on the wrong side rows the decreases are made with ssp, but in the verbose version it's p2tog. And with bottom part it says that it is entirely worked in k2,p2 ribbing, but if you work with the charts there are four adjacent knits on the first row.

Anyway, great design, not so great pattern. Or at least not noobfriendly at all.


Alexandra said...

It's looks very nice! I started knitting this pattern a few months ago, it was confusing because I hadn't really worked with charts before. You did a great job! Congratulations!

J.R. said...

Alexandra: Thanks! I've only crocheted with charts once before, never knitted. I made the top part in one piece so that required little thinking but otherwise it was easier than I thought.

MysteryStitcher said...

Silmukka ja krs kerrallaan. Niin se menee. Ehkä pingottaminen tekee hyvää. IhanItsessä puhutaan siitä ainakin jotakin, uskoisin.

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