Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Small Collar Vest

It took roughly three weeks to finish my Shawl Collar Vest . It feels great when you understand while weaving in the ends that the finished project is way too small only because you didn't find out what those sizes mean. Though I doubt that those extra 4 stitches would have made that much of a difference. Well, atleast it was a fun knit.

It looks great. It's just what I wanted it to be, only too small.

I can't wait to unravel this and turn it into a Bella Paquita . Hopefully this time it fits. I might leave the sleeves out, at least for now, so that it won't be so warm. I think that Amoena wouldn't want to wear some superhot woolen sweater in the summer.


Elina said...

Looks nice, R.I.P. beautiful collar vest.

Alexandra said...

It's very pretty, what a shame it's too small!

MysteryStitcher said...


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