Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The yarn-loving couple loving yarn at Viiala

Greetings from Viiala, Finland! My parents live here and I'm spending a week and a half at their place. I've been here since Friday. J.R. was with me too, but right now he's somewhere there driving back to Espoo. He has to go to work for two days, but then he will come back and we will spend the weekend together. Anyway. Now I have to deal almost three days without him. Sob sob. At least I have Papu to keep me company. She loves to be here, because she has a new best friend here: my mom's dachshund puppy called Minni. They're adorable together.

Anyway. My mom found some very old yarn from their attic. She doesn't know where they are from, but since she doesn't need them, she gave them to us. We are ready to adopt some yarn. Though I'm not so keen on the colors. The greens are too bright for my taste and I don't like orange at all. The yellow looks quite nice, but I'm not sure if it works for me. Papu seems to like the yellow too. Maybe I knit her a yellow sweater or something.

We also visited Ilsen Lanka, which is a yarn store located in Kylmäkoski. I was quite impressed by her (I guess it's owned by a woman called Ilse) yarn selection and all her sample knits. She obviously knows what she's selling. We didn't bought anything particularly interesting, though. I think it's impossible for me to buy yarn if I don't know what to do with it. How could I know how many skeins I need? J.R. bought more olive-green bamboo yarn for his Bella Paquita and then we bought some fuzzy yarn by Schoeller+Stahl. It was on a serious sale and we couldn't resist the colors. It also feels amazingly soft. I wonder if it's hard to knit. I have not knitted such yarn before.

We also got a second yarn basket from my mom. It's a gift from Russia. I like the fact that it has two lids, it will prevent Papu from eating our yarn! She's really good at stealing yarn. I guess it has something to do with the fact that she's so fast.

That's all now. I have some socks to knit!

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Elina said...

I love how Papu looks so athletic!

I like orange... *hint hint*

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