Friday, August 28, 2009

Taking the bull by the horns

Hello, baby. I have a message for you! I really like the shorts you knitted for me. I'm wearing them right now! Though you should already know that, unless you're like blind or something. Anyway. They are really nice and comfortable, so thank you again. You're simply the best.

And now back to my projects. I'm working on a pair of socks right now. They're for my very suspicious friend. He originally wanted a pair of very plain socks, but quite surprisingly agreed to go with bamboo socks instead. Which was wise, my friend. Very wise. I would have not knitted any stupid plain socks for you. Not for anyone, in a matter of fact! Boo for boring socks.

Though my fat bamboo socks are a bit boring to make. Knit. Knit. Knit. Knit. Purl. Purl. But at least they look rather nice. I already finished one sock, over a week ago, actually. I'm suffering from some serious chronic second sock syndrome. If anyone knows how to cure that, please let me know!

And now to the other cool stuff. We visited a zoo on Wednesday and there were some nice wool samples. Please click to enlarge. They're mostly worth it.

The wool above is from mountain goat. I think the cable looks really nice. I wish I would have been able to actually touch the wool, I guess it would have been very soft. At least it looks very soft to me.

And here is another sample. This one is from musk ox. The color is a bit darker and it looks less soft. And I wonder if the wool smells like musk too. That wouldn't be nice. Can you imagine yourself wearing a sweater that smells exactly like the animal below?

I didn't think so either. Though I think this particular musk ox looks really adorable. I could actually pet him, just between the horns. You know, right before I'll get killed or severely injured.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Some shorts and socks

I finally finished my Assets of Evo . A week ago actually, as usual. Being mostly just stockinette, it was a bit boring knit so I'm glad that it's finished. I had to unravel almost half of it because it was way too big. The hip size was perfect, but the length was a problem. I don't know if I knit too loosely or what, but it simply wasn't small and cute anymore. I took about 20 rows out and didn't add any short rows to the crotch, and now it fits perfectly.

Amoena sure looks great in these. No photos for you, for my eyes only.

I also left the legs shorter than the pattern suggested. I knitted just five rows: knit, increase, knit, change to cc, knit, bo. The ruffle was bit more dramatic than I thought it would be, but Amoena likes it.

Because of my adjustments even the smallest tree of life was too big so I had to make some adjustments and leave few stitches here and there out to make it fit.

I also finished a pair of socks . A friend of mine has a birthday soon so I decided to knit her a pair of socks. Personal, inexpensive and unique. Couldn't be better. The pattern I chose was January Girl . It was simple to knit and looks great. Perfect for someone who doesn't know anything about knitting.

Simple is beautiful.

My friend has small feet so I used just 54 co stitches. In the pattern there's two always knitted stitches in the middle, but I have only one. That way I managed to fit those 6 pattern repeats in 54 stitches.

If there's a way without picking up stitches, I'm going that way.

I'm not a big fan of picking up stitches. That's why I wanted to use hourglass heel instead of the one pattern suggests. I wrote the instructions down just in case someone else wants to make it this way too.

I also didn't like how the original toe looked so I used round toe instead. So quite a bit modified, but looks good.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bella Paquita with Minisock

I finished the Bella Paquita about a week ago. And as usual it took me forever to blog about it. Anyway, Amoena didn't like how the sleeves looked so I left it sleeveless. Instead I added a small crocheted edging to prevent it from curling.

Amoena wanted the edging to be more than just single crochet around.

I also redid the darts on the shoulders but it didn't look as good as it was before, so I reverted the changes and sewed it like it was. I did make some little adjustments to make it look flatter, and I'm quite pleased how it turned out.

Another miniproject I started and finished was part of Amoena's sister's present. Since we didn't come up with anything else, Amoena decided to give her a sock gift token.

Since just a card would have been quite boring, she asked me to knit a minisock . She put it in a painted and decorated cigarillo box. CO24 stitches with 1k1p ribbing, hourglass heel and round toe. Had no problems with this one.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Kuuran kosketus socks finished

I finished the Kuuran kosketus socks about a week ago. It means that I'm a lazy blogger. But I was on vacation when I finished them, and as everybody knows, you need some recovery time after you return from vacation. Anyway. I think the socks turned out pretty, maybe prettier than I even expected.

I really like the heel. It looks a lot classier than the heel that I did for my previous socks . The toe looks quite delicate too. I think the pattern is very well put together. It's quite a shame that it's only in Finnish.

This was the first time I knitted anything lacy, and I'm quite happy with the outcome. The lace could be more even, but otherwise it looks as it should look: rather nice. And the lace was surprisingly effortless to knit. I can imagine myself doing more lacy projects in the future, nothing too complicated though. I like to knit fast.

So I finished the socks. And now I have no idea what my next project will be. I envy J.R. because he has like gazillion projects in his queue. I always struggle with mine. My friend said that he needs new socks, but he's boring. He said that he will only be happy with basic socks and that means nothing fancy. And I'm totally through with basic socks. They're boring to knit and give me no sense of accomplishment.

The same friend also thinks that it's not OK for guys to knit. He says that quite often. I think that's silliness. It's 21st century. Girls can wear trousers, go to work, become presidents, decide not to get married, form lesbian relationships, get proper education... And guys? They're not even allowed to knit yet? What kind of "progress" is that? Guys should be mad, because us girls, we can do whatever we want nowadays and the world has no problem with that. I think that guys are just afraid to be individuals. I'm so proud of J.R. because he doesn't give a damn. I think that's way more masculine than sticking with some stupid old stinking stereotypes. Ha!