Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bella Paquita with Minisock

I finished the Bella Paquita about a week ago. And as usual it took me forever to blog about it. Anyway, Amoena didn't like how the sleeves looked so I left it sleeveless. Instead I added a small crocheted edging to prevent it from curling.

Amoena wanted the edging to be more than just single crochet around.

I also redid the darts on the shoulders but it didn't look as good as it was before, so I reverted the changes and sewed it like it was. I did make some little adjustments to make it look flatter, and I'm quite pleased how it turned out.

Another miniproject I started and finished was part of Amoena's sister's present. Since we didn't come up with anything else, Amoena decided to give her a sock gift token.

Since just a card would have been quite boring, she asked me to knit a minisock . She put it in a painted and decorated cigarillo box. CO24 stitches with 1k1p ribbing, hourglass heel and round toe. Had no problems with this one.


Elina said...

I really like the Paquita sleeveless. Anything without sleeves=good. :D

That's a great idea for a gift! Aww such a cute minisock. :D

Kathleen said...

wow! You did a great job on the Paquita! I might have to try making one, too :o)

MysteryStitcher said...

Hihattomana se on ihan OK. Hyvää työtä!

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