Friday, August 7, 2009

Kuuran kosketus socks finished

I finished the Kuuran kosketus socks about a week ago. It means that I'm a lazy blogger. But I was on vacation when I finished them, and as everybody knows, you need some recovery time after you return from vacation. Anyway. I think the socks turned out pretty, maybe prettier than I even expected.

I really like the heel. It looks a lot classier than the heel that I did for my previous socks . The toe looks quite delicate too. I think the pattern is very well put together. It's quite a shame that it's only in Finnish.

This was the first time I knitted anything lacy, and I'm quite happy with the outcome. The lace could be more even, but otherwise it looks as it should look: rather nice. And the lace was surprisingly effortless to knit. I can imagine myself doing more lacy projects in the future, nothing too complicated though. I like to knit fast.

So I finished the socks. And now I have no idea what my next project will be. I envy J.R. because he has like gazillion projects in his queue. I always struggle with mine. My friend said that he needs new socks, but he's boring. He said that he will only be happy with basic socks and that means nothing fancy. And I'm totally through with basic socks. They're boring to knit and give me no sense of accomplishment.

The same friend also thinks that it's not OK for guys to knit. He says that quite often. I think that's silliness. It's 21st century. Girls can wear trousers, go to work, become presidents, decide not to get married, form lesbian relationships, get proper education... And guys? They're not even allowed to knit yet? What kind of "progress" is that? Guys should be mad, because us girls, we can do whatever we want nowadays and the world has no problem with that. I think that guys are just afraid to be individuals. I'm so proud of J.R. because he doesn't give a damn. I think that's way more masculine than sticking with some stupid old stinking stereotypes. Ha!


Nalamienea said...

Yeah! Go JR! I think it's time we start a Masculine Movement. hehe Don't you think they need their own movement by now? :)

Elina said...

I wonder if your friend is actually serious and not just making fun of JR. I mean, how could anyone seriously say anything like such and such is not OK for guys/girls to do? That would be ridiculous if you ask me. Because if you like doing something, why the hell would you give a shit about what anyone else thinks? I don't. Hooray for JR.

Grey is not my favourite colour but the lacy part sure looks nice.

Amoena said...

I vote for the movement. And totally agree with Elina!

PS: Grey is not my favorite color either, but I didn't know what colors my sister like, so I just picked something neutral for her.

Kathleen said...

Absolutely! Yeay for JR. What's the big deal about who knits what anyway?

Amoena said...

Kathleen: Amen!

Salakirjoja said...

Anna mennä, JR! Puikot heilumaan vaan! Älä välitä muiden mielipiteistä.

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