Friday, August 28, 2009

Taking the bull by the horns

Hello, baby. I have a message for you! I really like the shorts you knitted for me. I'm wearing them right now! Though you should already know that, unless you're like blind or something. Anyway. They are really nice and comfortable, so thank you again. You're simply the best.

And now back to my projects. I'm working on a pair of socks right now. They're for my very suspicious friend. He originally wanted a pair of very plain socks, but quite surprisingly agreed to go with bamboo socks instead. Which was wise, my friend. Very wise. I would have not knitted any stupid plain socks for you. Not for anyone, in a matter of fact! Boo for boring socks.

Though my fat bamboo socks are a bit boring to make. Knit. Knit. Knit. Knit. Purl. Purl. But at least they look rather nice. I already finished one sock, over a week ago, actually. I'm suffering from some serious chronic second sock syndrome. If anyone knows how to cure that, please let me know!

And now to the other cool stuff. We visited a zoo on Wednesday and there were some nice wool samples. Please click to enlarge. They're mostly worth it.

The wool above is from mountain goat. I think the cable looks really nice. I wish I would have been able to actually touch the wool, I guess it would have been very soft. At least it looks very soft to me.

And here is another sample. This one is from musk ox. The color is a bit darker and it looks less soft. And I wonder if the wool smells like musk too. That wouldn't be nice. Can you imagine yourself wearing a sweater that smells exactly like the animal below?

I didn't think so either. Though I think this particular musk ox looks really adorable. I could actually pet him, just between the horns. You know, right before I'll get killed or severely injured.


Nalamienea said...

wow! Cool zoo!

Elina said...

Does Hannes have the same size feet as your male model? Just wondering. Men's feet can vary quite a lot..

The musk oxen are the strangest looking animals. I agree that they look really cool. And they've got a lot of wool on them, three or four different types if I understood correctly!

Amoena said...

Elina: I think Hannes has the same size feet, though these socks are not for him. They are for other friend, and he has already tested that the size is correct :)

Elina said...

Oh I thought he was the suspicious friend :D I kind of feel like a detective, trying to figure out who you're talking about... your friends are so mysterious ;)

Alexandra said...

Very pretty socks! Your friend is very lucky!!!

I read a trick somewhere about the second sock syndrome: knit the second sock with the same yarn but a different pattern. With the multicolored yarns, who can tell the difference between one lace pattern and another? ;) only a knitter and he/she would probably just love the idea too!!!

MysteryStitcher said...


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