Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cabley Knee Highs

Amoena saw a pair of socks at Indiska one day. Actually it was like weeks ago or something. I just haven't found the energy or inspiration to blog. Anyway, she asked me to knit her similar ones. Since it looked quite simple, knee high with lots of cables, I decided to give it a try .

The source of inspiration

I did use the same amount of stitches for the cables, but that might be the only thing similar. I didn't check back then how the decreases and increases were made, if at all, so currently I'm just improvising. I think that the only thing that looks like it is the cables. That means I can say that they are inspired by the product, not a copy. And that means I can write a pattern and post it. We'll see if I feel like it.

The product of inspiration

This is actually the first time I'm knitting socks toe-up so I'm quite pleased how it has turned out so far. This is also the first time I'm knitting socks with fingering weight yarn. I'm using Drops' Fabel . Amoena likes it and Papu seems to like too. She already destroyed one of the skeins and I still haven't been able to disentangle it. I've seen lots of beautiful sock patterns designed for this weighted yarn but so far I haven't knitted any of those. One reason might be that we can't get this type of yarn from our local shop so we have to go all the way to Helsinki to get it.

I haven't knitted lately as much as I maybe would have wanted. And next week I'm in the middle of forest doing some forestry training. I'm not sure how much I have time to knit there. So it might take a while until I've finished this project. At the moment it's only about the size of regular sock, and I've planned to make it at least knee high. It's also quite fit, and that's the way I want it to be. I just have to make sure I increase at the right points so that it won't be too tight or loose. So little planning and unraveling and everything should be fine.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fingerless mittens that even Papu approves

To be honest, I don't understand who wants fingerless mittens. Like, what's the point? If my hands get cold, my fingers get even colder. There's no way fingerless mittens could help that situation. I think it's the same thing with apple cozies. I have never managed to bruise my apples, so why would I need an apple cozy? Because they are cute... just like fingerless mittens. And that's why I knitted a pair.

Project info
Name: Something small
Pattern: Cupcake Mittlets by Shantha Ramachandran
Craft: Knitting
Made for: my friend
Size: Small

Needle: US 2½ / 3.0 mm
Yarn: Novita 7 Veljestä
Colorway: 526 Red

So, I've finished the mittlets now and I have to say that I'm quite happy with them. They're not perfect, but they fit very well. Though I knitted them for a friend, so I'm not sure if they fit her hands too. Her hands may be smaller. Or bigger. Anyway. I really, really like the color. It's like the yummiest color ever. I hope she likes it too.

I made a tiny mistake with the first mitten. I forgot to knit one row, but fortunately it didn't ruin the lace or anything. I repeated the same mistake in the second mitten to make them identical, but it bothers me a bit though. I hate to make mistakes. I hate to think that they're not "perfect" because there are two rows missing, even though they still look OK.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fat bamboo socks

I finished the bamboo socks for my suspicious friend. I'm really pleased with the color. It's very masculine. I think the ribbing looks good too, though I would have liked my bamboos a bit thinner. Damn you, aran weighted yarn! Anyway. I think there's something quite boring about knitting socks, I just can't point my finger on it. I Maybe it's the flashbacks: "didn't I already knit this?! Why am I knitting this again? Oh... I forgot. These are supposed to be socks ".

Despite the name, these socks are not made of bamboo yarn.

I have already started two new projects. So far they don't look so impressive. My first and most important project is a pair of cupcake mittlets . I've been thinking about this pattern for a long time, and I finally found a reason to knit a pair. I made a tiny mistake in the lace chart and I had to unravel a lot. I don't like picking up stitched, so I moved on to next project until I get the energy to fix the lace.

So meanwhile I've been knitting something to humiliate our precious puppy. She needs something to protect her sensitive stand-up ears in the winter time, so I'm working on a dog hat prototype. It's going to be a simple tube with some kind of an accessory, but I still haven't figure out what. I'm pretty sure that Papu is going to hate it until the temperature hits -20°C. She's going to need a coat or sweater too, because her fur is so short. I wonder what she will think about winter, since it's only autumn and she's already freezing if it's windy. It will be quite a shock for her, for sure.

"I hit you with this meat stick next time you want to dress me"

"This wool stuff smells like something I could eat. Mommy... is this food?"

Sunday, September 6, 2009


I haven't been knitting that much this week. Main reason might be that I started my studies at the university of Helsinki, majoring in forest economics, where I hopefully spend the next five years or so. Anyway, it was the first week so I had no time to knit there and didn't feel like knitting after coming home. Things should get more normal as the lectures begin next week and as I get used to studying.

I did finish one small project though.

A friend of mine had his birthday yesterday, and of course I decided to knit something for him too. He's quite hardcore metal fan so I wanted to make something fitting. After a little brainstorming, Amoena showed me Heavy-mittens by Artesanity. The idea seemed great, but I didn't like how her mittens looked a bit loose so I decided to make my own, and I think they turned out better.

I'm not, at least now, feeling like creating and testing a proper pattern, so I just give rough instructions on how I did it. I started it as any mitten, CO44, 2k2p ribbing for 10 rows, 10 rows stockinette, 15 rows pentagram-pattern I created (you can use stockinette or any other pattern) placing thumb on the 12th row. After that eight rows more stockinette and dividing the stitches to make the slots for fingers. I divided the stitches 12-20-12 and casted on 2 stitches, one in every gap between fingers, using same stitch for both of the slots, so the total amount of stitches is 13-22-13. After that just knit one slot at the time until desired length is achieved, decrease and bind off. I used kitchener stitch for the middle slot because I didn't want it to be pointy but you can just decrease it normally if you want.

The mittens didn't turn out as good as they could have. I didn't try the first mitten on as I divided the stitches so it curves a bit towards the thumb. So nothing major, but still. The second one looks so much better as it goes straight. And unfortunately I didn't have time to unravel and knit it again so it had to be left as is.

Another problem was with the pentagram-pattern I knitted on the back of the hand. I didn't want it to be too outstanding, so I just purled according to the pattern. Problem is that it wasn't as distinct as I wanted, and I wouldn't have minded if it had stood out a little more. It might have been better if I had created it bigger. The current 13x15 stitches is quite small.

It sounds that there were quite a lot of problems, but I'm still quite pleased how it turned out. After all for the first time I didn't use any pattern but just knitted and wrote down what I did so that I could make the second one identical.

Ready for some midwinter outdoor metal-festivals

You really don't have to make it this way. Or any other way. Basically you can use any mitten pattern, just divide the stitches and make three smaller slots for fingers, instead of one big.