Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cabley Knee Highs

Amoena saw a pair of socks at Indiska one day. Actually it was like weeks ago or something. I just haven't found the energy or inspiration to blog. Anyway, she asked me to knit her similar ones. Since it looked quite simple, knee high with lots of cables, I decided to give it a try .

The source of inspiration

I did use the same amount of stitches for the cables, but that might be the only thing similar. I didn't check back then how the decreases and increases were made, if at all, so currently I'm just improvising. I think that the only thing that looks like it is the cables. That means I can say that they are inspired by the product, not a copy. And that means I can write a pattern and post it. We'll see if I feel like it.

The product of inspiration

This is actually the first time I'm knitting socks toe-up so I'm quite pleased how it has turned out so far. This is also the first time I'm knitting socks with fingering weight yarn. I'm using Drops' Fabel . Amoena likes it and Papu seems to like too. She already destroyed one of the skeins and I still haven't been able to disentangle it. I've seen lots of beautiful sock patterns designed for this weighted yarn but so far I haven't knitted any of those. One reason might be that we can't get this type of yarn from our local shop so we have to go all the way to Helsinki to get it.

I haven't knitted lately as much as I maybe would have wanted. And next week I'm in the middle of forest doing some forestry training. I'm not sure how much I have time to knit there. So it might take a while until I've finished this project. At the moment it's only about the size of regular sock, and I've planned to make it at least knee high. It's also quite fit, and that's the way I want it to be. I just have to make sure I increase at the right points so that it won't be too tight or loose. So little planning and unraveling and everything should be fine.


Elina said...

It seems kind of mysterious to me that you're able to improvise like that, but I guess it comes from the experience. Besides, you understand the patterns so well in general that it's not so surprising in the end.

J.R. said...

Elina: Yeah, from the experience over 9 months of knitting! And I think the reason I seem to understand the patterns so well is because Amoena needs/wants me to read and sometimes translate every pattern she uses. So I've read quite a lot of patterns.

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