Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fat bamboo socks

I finished the bamboo socks for my suspicious friend. I'm really pleased with the color. It's very masculine. I think the ribbing looks good too, though I would have liked my bamboos a bit thinner. Damn you, aran weighted yarn! Anyway. I think there's something quite boring about knitting socks, I just can't point my finger on it. I Maybe it's the flashbacks: "didn't I already knit this?! Why am I knitting this again? Oh... I forgot. These are supposed to be socks ".

Despite the name, these socks are not made of bamboo yarn.

I have already started two new projects. So far they don't look so impressive. My first and most important project is a pair of cupcake mittlets . I've been thinking about this pattern for a long time, and I finally found a reason to knit a pair. I made a tiny mistake in the lace chart and I had to unravel a lot. I don't like picking up stitched, so I moved on to next project until I get the energy to fix the lace.

So meanwhile I've been knitting something to humiliate our precious puppy. She needs something to protect her sensitive stand-up ears in the winter time, so I'm working on a dog hat prototype. It's going to be a simple tube with some kind of an accessory, but I still haven't figure out what. I'm pretty sure that Papu is going to hate it until the temperature hits -20°C. She's going to need a coat or sweater too, because her fur is so short. I wonder what she will think about winter, since it's only autumn and she's already freezing if it's windy. It will be quite a shock for her, for sure.

"I hit you with this meat stick next time you want to dress me"

"This wool stuff smells like something I could eat. Mommy... is this food?"


Elina said...

I like the colour of that mittlet. What yarn is that? Nalle? Papu's meat stick looks delicious. And Papu herself is so übercute in the last picture that I can't handle it!! Dogs and yarn, omg!

Amoena said...

Elina It's 7veljestä, but I'm pretty sure that color is not available anymore :( I bought it from sale and I haven't seen it since. I love the color too, it's so sorbet-y.

Cimorine said...

very nice! but I know what you mean about the boredom. maybe if you try adding different patterns to the sock . . . there are a lot on the net, Ravelry, Knitty, etc. and if you don't like any of it, you can make your own sock using your preferred turn-heel and toe methods. It's pretty sweet, to make one-of-a-kind socks. try that! :)

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