Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fingerless mittens that even Papu approves

To be honest, I don't understand who wants fingerless mittens. Like, what's the point? If my hands get cold, my fingers get even colder. There's no way fingerless mittens could help that situation. I think it's the same thing with apple cozies. I have never managed to bruise my apples, so why would I need an apple cozy? Because they are cute... just like fingerless mittens. And that's why I knitted a pair.

Project info
Name: Something small
Pattern: Cupcake Mittlets by Shantha Ramachandran
Craft: Knitting
Made for: my friend
Size: Small

Needle: US 2½ / 3.0 mm
Yarn: Novita 7 Veljestä
Colorway: 526 Red

So, I've finished the mittlets now and I have to say that I'm quite happy with them. They're not perfect, but they fit very well. Though I knitted them for a friend, so I'm not sure if they fit her hands too. Her hands may be smaller. Or bigger. Anyway. I really, really like the color. It's like the yummiest color ever. I hope she likes it too.

I made a tiny mistake with the first mitten. I forgot to knit one row, but fortunately it didn't ruin the lace or anything. I repeated the same mistake in the second mitten to make them identical, but it bothers me a bit though. I hate to make mistakes. I hate to think that they're not "perfect" because there are two rows missing, even though they still look OK.


Elina said...

Papu: omnomnomnomnom..

Hmm, that's a good excuse to have fingerless mittens - they're cute! :D I've been looking at all those patterns for them and they sure look nice, but it's indeed hard to think of a use for them...perhaps put another mitten underneath which has another nice colour to offset them nicely?

Is that colour "heleä punainen"? I don't recognize the colour from these pictures.

I know what you mean by mistakes. I figured out how to stitch my hexagons together: by slip stitches from between the dc clusters. But it's not how it was SUPPOSED to be done, so it bothers me. The hexes have these ridges on them now, not that my mum would notice, but I KNOW they are there.

And even considering unravelling so much work is out of the question. Except with my second mitten, which must be unravelled now that it's almost finished. :/

Kate said...

Those little mitties are so cute! The yarn goes perfectly with the pattern, too.

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