Sunday, September 6, 2009


I haven't been knitting that much this week. Main reason might be that I started my studies at the university of Helsinki, majoring in forest economics, where I hopefully spend the next five years or so. Anyway, it was the first week so I had no time to knit there and didn't feel like knitting after coming home. Things should get more normal as the lectures begin next week and as I get used to studying.

I did finish one small project though.

A friend of mine had his birthday yesterday, and of course I decided to knit something for him too. He's quite hardcore metal fan so I wanted to make something fitting. After a little brainstorming, Amoena showed me Heavy-mittens by Artesanity. The idea seemed great, but I didn't like how her mittens looked a bit loose so I decided to make my own, and I think they turned out better.

I'm not, at least now, feeling like creating and testing a proper pattern, so I just give rough instructions on how I did it. I started it as any mitten, CO44, 2k2p ribbing for 10 rows, 10 rows stockinette, 15 rows pentagram-pattern I created (you can use stockinette or any other pattern) placing thumb on the 12th row. After that eight rows more stockinette and dividing the stitches to make the slots for fingers. I divided the stitches 12-20-12 and casted on 2 stitches, one in every gap between fingers, using same stitch for both of the slots, so the total amount of stitches is 13-22-13. After that just knit one slot at the time until desired length is achieved, decrease and bind off. I used kitchener stitch for the middle slot because I didn't want it to be pointy but you can just decrease it normally if you want.

The mittens didn't turn out as good as they could have. I didn't try the first mitten on as I divided the stitches so it curves a bit towards the thumb. So nothing major, but still. The second one looks so much better as it goes straight. And unfortunately I didn't have time to unravel and knit it again so it had to be left as is.

Another problem was with the pentagram-pattern I knitted on the back of the hand. I didn't want it to be too outstanding, so I just purled according to the pattern. Problem is that it wasn't as distinct as I wanted, and I wouldn't have minded if it had stood out a little more. It might have been better if I had created it bigger. The current 13x15 stitches is quite small.

It sounds that there were quite a lot of problems, but I'm still quite pleased how it turned out. After all for the first time I didn't use any pattern but just knitted and wrote down what I did so that I could make the second one identical.

Ready for some midwinter outdoor metal-festivals

You really don't have to make it this way. Or any other way. Basically you can use any mitten pattern, just divide the stitches and make three smaller slots for fingers, instead of one big.


Nalamienea said...

totally cute. lol I'm sure your friend will love them!

Alexandra said...

Very nice mittens! The yarn looks very soft and warm!

J.R. said...

Thanks, I hope he likes them too.

Alexandra: The yarn might be warm, but I wouldn't say that it's that soft. It's great for socks etc, but I wouldn't want a sweater made out of it.

Artesanity said...

Nice job. Although I think mine still looks better :)

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