Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dressing up

For the past three weeks I've been knitting a dress . A crazy cabled dress. Though it's not crazy because of the cables. It's crazy because I never wear dresses. I just had this unbearable urge to knit a dress, so I picked a nice pattern and started to knit. I guess it must be the autumn. It makes me want warm clothes. Warm, knitted clothes.

And I've been quite busy knitting that dress. Like seriously. The pattern is super simple, so I've been able to knit quite brainlessly. I've been knitting it at school too and I think it's my favorite place to knit. It's been nice to get feedback from my non-knitting school friends. Yesterday one of them actually promised to buy the dress. If it doesn't fit me, then I'll give it to her. For free. Just because she was nice. Though I didn't say it to her, because I didn't want her to raise her hopes too high. There's a good chance that the dress fits me nicely.

Anyway. I chose a very generic, cheap yarn again. I'm not really into yarns, they're not important to me as long as they feel nice, aren't plastic and have pleasant colors. Maybe I'm just not there yet, I'm still a novice knitter. But at least the pattern was so simple that I was mostly able to understand it by myself!

I'm quite proud of myself that I finally had enough courage to start a bigger project. I used to be sure that I would have enough patience to ever finish anything big, but my dress is coming out super fast. I definitely surprised myself.