Friday, November 13, 2009

Cable-y knee highs

My cable-y knee highs are finally finished! Took me almost two months, which is almost embarrassing long for a pair of socks. Long ones with small needles and thin yarn, but still. I know I didn't knit these as often as I could have.

Showing off her new guitar.

More likely cable-y thigh highs.

The socks fit quite nicely. It's just the right size. It's quite tight when pulling over the heel but stays up nicely and looks neither loose nor tight. Most likely it'll loosen a bit at the tightest parts after a little use.

I also managed to write and test a pattern for it. It still needs quite a lot of tweaking and styling before it's ready to be published. And I also have a little moral problem. Since the pattern is heavily inspired by commercial product, I'm not quite sure if it's ok to post a pattern for it. Though I think that that kind of "stealing" is quite usual since everything has already been done. I have to think about it.

162 cables per sock. Enough is enough.

I think I won't be knitting any socks or cables anytime soon. Especially not cables. At least not much. I've had enough of those for a while. My next project is going to be something simpler. Something with just knits and purls with larger needles. And something for myself for a change.


Nalamienea said...

Gorgeous!! I love the look of the tall socks!

Elina said...

They look so nice! Nice guitar. They seem to fit tighter than the Indiska version. Screw ethics, Indiska will never know where you got your inspiration! :D Are those tightening knots at the top?

They also look like a world of pain to knit. Hope it was fun for a while at least..

J.R. said...

Nalamienea: Thanks!

Elina: Thanks! Yeah, I think I'm going to post that pattern some day, but it'll need a bit more work. There are tightening ribbons with crocheted balls at the tops.

Lots of work, but it was fun, at least with the first sock.

Cimorine said...

oh my goodness! I LOVE them! I think I need a pair (it get's cold around here) :) Can you post the pattern, if I read correctly that you actually made it? (I'm so jelous! I wish I could write patterns!)

hillanen said...

Cool socks :)

J.R. said...

Cimorine & hillanen: Thanks! Yes, I've written the pattern and somewhat tested it too with the other sock but it still needs some work.

Sarah Watson said...

Lovely socks, is there a pattern? My daughters birthday is coming up and would love to make her a pair xxx

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