Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kalajoki river socks

I knitted a pair of socks . It was actually quite unplanned. You see, I was supposed to start some bigger project, but then I came across these specific socks again, and I thought my mother might really like them. These things can happen, even though I had strongly decided not to knit any Christmas presents.

When I finished the first sock, I remembered that my mother doesn't really wear wool socks. Her feet are never cold. Sometimes, though, she does wear wool socks with rubber boots, but they're always way thicker than the sock I had just knitted. These things can happen too. You kinda expect people to wear wool socks in Finland, polar bears and stuff. But no. Not my mother. I decided to knit the socks anyway. I know that my mother will still appreciate the gift, especially if I add some gluten-free treats to go with them.

Project info
Name: The only thing I knit for Christmas
Pattern: Kalajoki by Tiina Seppälä
Craft: Knitting
Made for: my mother as a Christmas present
Size: 38

Needle: US 2½ / 3.0 mm
Yarn: Novita Nalle 100g
Colorway: 043
Color family: Gray

I have to confess that I'm not actually so happy with the socks. I was going to follow the pattern like a slave, but then I ran into troubles with the heel. I've knitted French heel before, twice actually, but I just couldn't get it right with these socks. After three desperate tries, I decided to knit short row heels instead. Hooray for that. And then I ran into troubles with the toe... I really admired the anatomical toe on the original socks, but I just couldn't get that right either. My decreases were all over the place and I decided to go with less anatomical toes.

I'm not happy with the rivers either. I know I did them right, at least I believe so, but they're just not as fancy as I would have wanted them to be. Maybe I just need to block them. I have not blocked many things, so I don't know what kind of result you might get with that. Anyway. The pattern was really clear and simple, I don't blame it for my problems. This time my problems were simply caused by my lack of skills. Who knew French heel could be that difficult.

Btw, some of our loyal readers might wonder what's going on with my knitted dress. I'll tell you what's going on: It's 99,9% finished and it's actually quite lovely. There's just one major problem; cables really do make me look fat. I can't wear it without feeling gigantic. I planned to give it to my friend, but I have doubts about that. What if she doesn't wear it either? And if that's the case, I could as well frog it. Though Elina is going to visit me next week, and she might like it. On the other hand, she always talks about her HUGE calves and ENORMOUS thighs and RIDICULOUSLY LARGE legs, that I'm not sure if it fits her either. Maybe that dress is doomed?

PS: Sorry for the bad pictures. I didn't have enough light, but I decided to take the pictures anyway.


Cimorine said...

Wow, if you don't want the socks, I will gladly take them! I think they look great! And if the dress doesn't work out, send that too! :) Kidding! but, seriously . . . . . :)

Elina said...

Lol, if it makes you look fat (and you're so tiny), how about me then :D :D I could try it on though, to show how it actually did NOT make you look so big after all? ;) Maybe you could sell in a flea market if all else fails..

This post made sock knitting sound even more intimidating. It's weird how even by following a pattern religiously and doing it right will not automatically give you perfect results..

I envy your mum's feet, because I need woolly socks even in the summer!

Amoena said...

Cimorine: You're too kind, seriously... :) I think I was too hard on myself. After all, the short row heel turned out perfect and there's nothing awful going on with the toes either. I was just disappointed because I didn't achieve the same result as the original designer, because I really tried to follow the pattern carefully.

Elina: I shall write another post to ensure you that sock knitting is easy!

And PS: I'm not tiny. That pretty Asian chick in my class is tiny.

Alexandra said...

Amoena the socks are lovely! The rivers are perfect, they look just like the ones in the pattern! If your mother doesn't want them, you should keep them :)

Amoena said...

Alexandra: You're also too kind :)

Anonymous said...

I dig'em.

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