Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tiny vest for Project Yarnway

I found Project Yarnway from Ravelry and told J.R. about it, and we both decided to participate. It's like Project Runway but for knitters, and obviously you have to design your own stuff too. I tried to design a dog sweater first, but since I know nothing about dog sweaters, it didn't work out at all. The time started to run out, and on Tuesday I finally gave up with the dog sweater and decided to design a tiny vest instead. Success!

The first Project Yarnway challenge was to design something from your stash yarn... but we don't really have stash. Just some random left-over yarns or oddities that my mother have donated to us. But I did have one, almost untouched skein of gray 7-veljestä yarn. I bought it accidentally when I was making Papu's blanket. I needed gray yarn, but bought a wrong shade. Now I'm happy that I had the skein so I was able to complete this challenge.

Fits perfectly.

I'm really really really pleased with the way the vest turned out! It fits perfectly The cable works. The hook is amazing. The hook is actually a vintage piece that my mother saved from my grandpa's knitted cardigan. I like items with history.

I just love the hook.

I consider this as my first serious design and I think this has given me courage to design more. And of course, if I really want to participate in Project Yarnway, I have to create at least four designs more. I don't know why I was so intimidated by the whole designing thing. It's not even hard. You just have to know your skills... and have some one great to help you out, like J.R.


Elina said...

The hook is beautiful! That shade looks really good with your black skivvy. Nice. I can't believe how quickly you designed and made it. I'm such a fail compared to you two.

Kyong Halvorson said...

it's so lovely & flattering. this is your first design? wow. also, the clasp is so beautiful.

Amoena said...

Elina: Dear Elina, you're just a n00b. You will learn!

Kyong: Thanks! This really is my first design, so you can only imagine how proud I feel =)

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