Saturday, March 13, 2010

Somebody puked on my shawl

I finished my first shawl and it looks like somebody puked on it. I bought the yarn originally for the Nutkin socks , and I actually started to knit them too. But then an accident happened: I forgot the sock project to a place where Papu was able to get it with her tiny paws when I left home, and when I got back again, the skein was all over the living room floor and on the top of everything she had ruined 3/5 of the ebony wooden DPNs. All that kinda made me lose my interest.

So the colorway is just hideous. I was practically disgusted when I knitted the cuff of the first sock. The colors looked very nice on the skein, so I had no idea they would turn so hideous when knitted! I was secretly happy when Papu decided to terminate the project. I even threw the yarn away without giving it a second glance.

Then I started to think about all the multicolored shawls that I had seen on Ravelry. I have never been a fan of multicolored or self-striping yarns, but oddly they have always looked quite decent on knitted shawls. So I changed my mind and saved the yarn.

Project info
Name: Somebody puked on my shawl
Pattern: Traveling Woman by Liz Abinante
Craft: Knitting

Needle: US 6 / 4.0 mm
Yarn: Novita Tico Tico
Colorway: 838

I started to knit this shawl a week ago. I progressed quite nicely, until I suddenly realized that there was an error in the pattern J.R. had written me by hand (we don't have a printer and since it was Saturday, I couldn't print it at school). He had forgot one yarn over and my shawl was admittedly asymmetric. I had to start all over again. I also had several problems with the lace and had to constantly ask help from J.R. He was so kind that he even unraveled the tricky lace rows for me so I wouldn't make more harm. Anyway. Despite the troubles I had, I think the pattern was really clear and easy to follow.

I have not blocked many of my knitting projects, but when it comes to shawls, I think it's quite inevitable. I would like to know how other people block shawls... My shawl is relatively small and it still took some time to figure out how to block it.

Blocking in progress

Even though I despise the colorway, I still think the shawl turned out pretty. I think I might give it away. I also enjoyed the whole process of knitting it. I had no idea it's so nice to knit shawls! I already bought yarn for my next shawl. I just have to pick a pattern.

Papu looks good in everything

By the way, J.R. is also knitting a lace shawl. He started his soon after mine, but his shawl is going to be larger, so it's not finished yet. He's using the same yarn as I did, but his colorway is a lot prettier. Papu likes the yarn too. She uses it as a pillow when J.R. is knitting on the sofa. Look how cute she is:


That's all about the shawls, now onto other news. There's a double page interview of J.R. in the Finnish knitting magazine, Moda. The interview itself is quite silly and contains small-ish errors (I wonder what it means that our blog is on an international knitting community...?), but the pictures are nice. This might be your only chance to see J.R's picture, since he's so camera shy! I hope the Finnish knitting scene can approve the interview, since he's specialized in knitted lace and not in crocheted beanies.

Other news is that we have started to explore knitting podcasts. One day there was nothing good on TV, so I suggested we'd listened to some podcasts. So far we have listened to Y Knit, Lime & Violet, Barknknit and the Knitmore Girls, and they have all been nice. It takes more time though to figure out what podcasts we like best and which podcasts we're going to listen regularly. I only wonder why it took all this time before we listened to our first podcasts. They are such a good alternative for bad TV-shows!


What you knitting mummy? said...

It looks good, you've inspired me to knit one!

WorstedKnitt said...

That's a beautiful shawl - I have that pattern in my queue too!

Alexandra said...

Your shawl is gorgeous! I don't like those colours so much either, but they go well with the pattern and the stripes look great! You did a wonderful job!

Congratulations to J.R.!!! That's amazing! Maybe more guys will start knitting in Finland now! :)

Another great podcast is Electric Sheep. She's very funny!

Nina said...

Beautiful shawl! I wanna make one too. :)

I thought that was J.R. in Moda, I've been meaning to ask you if it was him. :)

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