Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rainbow-socks, a new project and some mysterious needles

We had two leftover skeins of tico tico with different colorways from our shawls, so I decided to use those and knit something small. Naturally I also wanted to try something new, so I decided to knit socks with Hat heel pattern by Kathleen Sperling. You get quite wide stripes with the yarn, which I don't like so much, so I decided to use both of the colorways, changing after every row. The socks are made in special way starting from the heel. Since picture is worth thousand words, instead of trying to explain it to you, here's a picture how it's done from

Picture by Kathleen Sperling.

And here's my attempt on those:

Project info
Name: Rainbow-socks
Pattern: Hat-heel by Kathleen Sperling
Craft: Knitting
Made for: Amoena

Needles: US 1½ / 2.5 mm
Yarn: Novita Tico Tico
Colorway: 836 Blue-Green & 852 Red-Orange

These were quite fun to knit. Though after the heel there wasn't really anything special but still, it was fun to knit a sock this way. I also like how it looks with those two colorways. Amoena wanted the socks to be different so I didn't even try to match the stripes.

Guess who?

I have also started my next project. I saw a cute sweater/vest at school and I thought that it would be cool to knit something similar: lacy and long ribbings with not-so-furry mohair. I think it's knitted, or at least I'm trying to knit it kinda like the Shawl Collar Vest, in one piece, only adding small extensions for the sleeves in the middle. Since this can't really be tried on before it's almost finished, I hope I estimated the required amount of stitches correctly.

These substitutes for Addi's are not so great.

My mom visited Estonia some time ago and I asked her to bring us some circular needles by Addi for souvenir, since I've heard that they cost there about a half what they cost here in Finland. Well, unfortunately she didn't find them, but she brought us some quite pretty bamboo needles by some mysterious Estonian manufacturer you can't find any reviews about. So it wasn't that big of a surprise that those aren't that good to knit with. The yarn gets often stuck between the metal and bamboo. Those might work better with something else than mohair, but still, so far I'm not impressed.

Finnish summary: Huiveista oli jäänyt pari jämäkerää tico ticoa, joten ajattelin kutoa niistä jotain pientä. Halusin tottakai kokeilla jotain uutta, joten päätin kutoa sukat Kathleen Sperlingin Hat heel -ohjeella. Sukka aloitetaan jännästi kantapäästä. Postauksen alussa oleva kuva esittelee tuon idean tarkemmin.

Näin koulussa nätin neuletakkiliivin, jonka tyylistä koitan itsekin kutoa: suhteellisen leveät 1o1n joustimet ja pitsiä mohair-langalla. Tuota tekelettä ei oikein voi kokeilla ennen kuin se on melkein valmis, joten toivottavasti arvioin tarvittavan silmukkamäärän oikein.

Pyysin myös äidiltä tuliaisiksi Virosta Addin pyöröpuikkoja, joiden pitäisi olla suhteellisen halpoja siellä. Valitettavasti hän ei löytänyt niitä, mutta toi sen sijaan nättejä bambuisia pyöröpuikkoja. Valmistaja on joku outo virolainen, josta ei löydy mistään mitään tietoa, joten ei ollut kovin iso yllätys ettei puikot ole kovin loistavat. Lanka tuppaa usein jäämään jumiin metallin ja bambun väliin, tosin voi olla että toimivat paremmin jonkun vähemmän pörröisen langan kanssa.


Thea said...

Oooh. I like how yours looks a lot better than the ones on knitty. I might have to put them on my rav queue... Are they comfortable?

Amoena said...

Thea: The answer to your question is that they are comfortable. I can't tell the difference between these hat-heel socks and "regular" socks, they all feel the same when I'm wearing them. I have also wore these socks with shoes and they were still comfortable. I also like the fact that they are quite thin, so they don't make my feet sweat :P

Elina said...

Aww poor Papu!!! :D I'm calling animal protection service!! ;)

I can see a pattern emerging: you're both into psychedelia these days. I'm not sure I understand the pattern but they look comfortable on foot.

J.R. said...

Thea: Thanks! I really like how it works with both of the colorways.

Elina: Well, I'm knitting with those psychedelic colors because I usually knit for Amoena, and she likes them. If I'd knit something for myself, it most likely would be black or dark grey or something like that :P

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