Monday, July 19, 2010

Jussi for Papu

In Finland we have this thing called Jussi-paita. It's basically a sweater with grey-red pattern with diamonds, and I think about everybody recognizes it. It's been one of the most popular patterns throughout Finland's independence or something. According to this page (in Finnish, but you can see the pattern there) it rose to popularity in 1920s after Pohjalaisia-movie where character called Jussi wore it, and one story tells that it was actually designed for that character. The pattern has been probably imported to about everything, and Katri Vesikko has also made a dog's version of it. After Amoena told me about it, I sure wanted to make one.

We have quite a bit of Novita's 7 Veljestä so I decided to use it instead of Nalle. 7 Veljestä is slightly thicker, but I didn't think that the difference would be too serious so I just knitted as the pattern said. Well, unfortunately Papu is smaller than Katri's small dog or I just knitted too loose, but on the first try it was way too big. So I tried again casting on 50 stitches. I also didn't increase as much as the pattern suggested, but 10sts at first and 7 increase rows after that. I left 14 stitches for the belly-part and repeated the diamond-pattern 7 times. And this time it fitted much better.

Since Papu's a girl, I didn't do any decreases or back-flaps at the end but just made a straight border with 1k1p ribbing.

Project info
Name: Jussi for Papu
Pattern: Koiran Jussi-paita by Katri Vesikko
Craft: Knitting
Made for: Papu

Needle: US 7 - 3.5 mm
Yarn: Novita 7-Veljestä
Colorways: 587 + 060

I also made small sleeves, since according to Amoena it's not a sweater if it doesn't have sleeves. Also the belly-part should have been a bit wider than 14 stitches but the sleeves fixed it. The red looks great on Papu's dark coat, and she also seems to like it, though at the moment it's a bit too hot to wear any woolen sweaters. But at least she's prepared for the winter.


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I don't really like the look of Jussi clothes, but anything made for a dog is cute anyway.

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That is nice.

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