Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lacy Bolero

About two months ago I saw a cute bolero/vest thingy at school. As I said in my earlier post, it was lacy and knitted with not-so-furry mohair. It looked great, so I decided to knit something similar. I took few notes (on the back of my lecture sheets, I didn't pay much attention to the lecture after noticing it) and decided to give it a try.

I really liked how the bolero looked in white with black shirt under it. But since I was making it for Amoena, of course, and she's not a big fan of white, we decided to make it in turquoise instead. In the end I chose to use Sandnes Garn's Kitten Mohair, which was just what I wanted: not too furry, soft like kitten and the weight was about perfect.

At first I estimated the amount of stitches with measurements and what the yarn's banderole said the gauge should be. I casted on like 136 stitches or something, decreased about 10 stitches during the ribbing and started with the lace-part. The whole bolero is made in one piece, about like the Shawl Collar Vest, just with small extensions for sleeves, so I couldn't really fit it before it was finished. Even though I did think during knitting it that it looks way too big for Amoena, I decided to finish it. Well, as I thought, it was WAY too big. Like size hippo or something. It didn't look small and cute and stuff as I wanted it to.

The bolero has k1p1 ribbing but otherwise it's completely lace.
I thought that if I took away four repeats of the lace pattern, it should fit much better. So I frogged it and tried again with 100 stitches to begin with, decreasing 10 stitches during the ribbing and repeating the lace for 9 times. And this time it was just right.

Project info
Name: Lacy bolero
Craft: Knitting
Made for: Amoena, of course

Needle: US 7 - 4.5 mm
Yarn:Sandnes Garn Kitten Mohair
Colorway: 6755

The "original" had a button, but I decided to use a hook. I used some very small hooks so if Amoena uses the bolero open, you can't really see them.

I'm very happy how the whole bolero turned out in the end. And it only took about 2 skeins of Kitten. I hope that Amoena likes it as much as I do.

Finnish summary: Näin pari kuukautta sitten nätin mohairista tehdyn pitsisen liivin/boleron koulussa ja päätin yrittää tehdä samankaltaista. Käytin Sandnes Garnin Kitten Mohairia, joka on juuri sellaista millaista halusin langan olevan: pehmoista, ei liian pörröistä ja sopivan paksua. Ensimmäisellä yrittämällä bolerosta tuli aivan liian iso, mutta sain sentään mitattua vähennettävien silmukoiden määrän. Toisella yrittämällä vähensin 36 silmukkaa ja tällä kertaa siitä tuli juuri sopiva. "Alkuperäisessä" oli nappi, mutta päätin käyttää sen sijaan pientä hakasta, joka olisi mahdollisimman huomaamaton, jos boleroa käyttää avonaisena.


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