Sunday, August 1, 2010

Miles to go before I sleep

I started to knit this Percy shawl because I missed J.R. I needed something to do while he was away for the weeks. I only had this yarn I bought from Viiala and this pattern I had printed out months earlier... I didn't know how they'd match, but I decided to give it a try anyway.

Project info
Name: Miles to go before I sleep
Pattern: Percy Shawl by Sanne Kalkman

Needle: US 6 - 4.0 mm
Yarn: Garnstudio DROPS Fabel
Colorway: 677

I learned an important lesson while knitting this shawl: you should always read the whole pattern first. The biggest portion of the shawl was charted both right sides and wrong sides. And both sides had yarn overs and decreases and the pattern repeats were quite long. Uh-oh. I like to knit lace, even when it's complicated, but I need my all-purl-rows too. They give a nice break and a sense of fast progress. Knitting this shawl felt more like a chore because the lack of them.

But I managed to knit nice nupps this time! I knitted nupps in the Echo Flower shawl (currently hibernating) too, but they always turned out a bit wonky and I didn't like them at all. In this shawl I like them a lot. I think they look like they're supposed to and they are my favorite thing in this shawl:

Showing off nupps
I'm also deeply in love with this colorway. It just works for me, even after knitting. The colorway also reminds me of the poem called "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" by Robert Frost. The poem mentions dark green woods, frozen lakes and snow and in my head all those things are strongly associated with the colors of this yarn. That's why I named this shawl "Miles to go before I sleep". I think the name is also suitable because I don't sleep well without J.R. I got miles of yarn to knit before I can sleep well again.

Granma Papu approves
I think I should be done with shawls now. I've knitted four this year and J.R. knitted one for me, but I also gave one away... So in total I have four knitted shawls and I probably wear them very, very rarely. There should be no demand for more. I just need to get them out of my head.


hillanen said...

Percyssä oli kyllä aika ikävä se kakkoskaavio. En millään meinannu ensin tajuta, että miten se tehhään, siis että miltä reunalta aloitan nurjan puolen, vasemmalta vai oikeelta..ja sit se oli hiiiidaaaastaaa. Mut nypyt oli miustakkii hauskoja, tykkäsin niistä jostain syystä Percyssä enempi kun Aeolianissa. Tykkään siunkin nypyistä ja koko huivista! Ja voi olla hankala saada huivit pois päästään, ainakaan minä en onnistu siinä, haluisin neuloa niitä aivan koko ajan..

Amoena said...

Hillanen: Mä en ole vieläkään varma, että teinkö mä koko huivin edes oikein. Mun mielestä siinä ohjeessa ei alustettu ihan tarpeeksi. Mä esimerkiksi missasin ensin että siihen pitäisi tulla se keskisilmukka, kun sitä ei siinä teko-ohjeessa mainita lainkaan. Mietin että miten ihmeessä niiden silmukoiden pitäisi täsmätä. En tajunnut eka neuloa edes sitä reunusta kun siitäkään ei mainittu. Jos toi olisi ollut mun eka huivi ikinä niin mä en olisi varmaan päässyt alkua pidemmälle :D

Sun versio oli kyllä muuten paaaljon nätimpi :P

Josh said...

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Elina said...

Ahh, now I know what nupps are! I like them. Shawls sound intimidating still but I will have a go at them finally. Maybe I can get some useful hints from your earlier posts.

I like the connection to the poem, the shawl immediately became something more when you mentioned the woods, the snow, etc.

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