Friday, September 10, 2010

Crochet foot stool cover

In case you didn't know, our living room is fairly small. It's not really a problem, but because of the size we can't have a coffee table. And that's a problem because we like to drink tea while we knit or watch TV on the sofa. There's a small table in one end of the sofa, but there's nothing in the other end. So only one have a nice place for the tea mug and the other one have to hold the mug in the hand until the tea is finished. Before it was possible to lay the mug down but since we now have a puppy running around the house, it's not a smart idea to put hot beverages on the floor. Yes. This is a short story made too long.

But then I started to think that my mother has a foot stool she doesn't need. Or technically it was my foot stool but she thought it wasn't. Anyway. I asked her if I can take it back to my home since it's mine, and she was like "I was just going to throw it away". So I saved it pretty much on the last minute. The plan was to cover the ugly food stool and get a nice large tray and use the foot stool as a
coffee table when needed.

So here's what I started with:

As you can see,  it was pretty ugly. We don't like leather furnitures, it looked too much like 80's and it didn't really match our "interior decor" either. So we had to figure out something. And that something was a crocheted cover :

Project info
Name: Crochet stool cover
Craft: Crochet

Hook: 4.0 mm (G)
Yarn: Novita 7 Veljestä 2.5 skeins
Colorways: 099 Black & 276 Orange

The cover didn't turn out as fancy as I imagined, but it's still better than that leather ugliness. And it matched our decor way better. I was going to make a lime green circle too, but unfortunately we didn't have green yarn in our stash and I didn't bother to buy 150 grams of yarn just for one circle. Anyway. We are still pretty pleased with the outcome, and we both like to use it too - as a foot stool since we still don't have a tray for the mugs.

And there might be one problem once we get the tray: the dogs have already taken over it. They think it's wonderful and Niila likes to use it as a step when she wants on the sofa quicker. 

Finnish summary: Pieneen olohuoneesemme ei mahdu sohvapöytää, joten ajattelimme, että nahkainen rahi voisi toimia sellaisen sijaisena. Tarjotin vain päälle niin meillä on joku paikka mihin laskea teemukit silloin kun istumme sohvalla. Rahissa oli vain se ongelma, että se oli melkoisen ruma eikä muutenkaan sopinut olohuoneemme "sisustukseen"... joten virkkasin sille villalangasta uuden päällyksen. Lopputulos oli melko kiva, mutta toistaiseksi koirat ovat omineet sen itselleen...


Elina said...

How about another small table for the other end? I like having something to lay my feet on, so I'd keep that one for that purpose myself :P

Amoena said...

Elina: Unfortunately there's no room in the other end. The table would be on a way :/

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