Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Prancing around the hoods with a new cool sweater

I finally knitted my first dog sweater, and I have to say that it was about the time! When we got Papu I planned to knit her many sweaters, but somehow I got busy knitting everything else and never knitter her any... But what kind of knitter would I be if I wouldn't even manage to knit sweaters for my precious pups? A very lousy one, indeed.

But now this has been fixed. Papu can now sport around in her petrol blue doggie sweater. Elina , my number one knitting buddy, chose the pattern. We were supposed to knit the sweaters at the same time, but I was lazy and started my sweater when Elina had already knitted the body part. Surprising? Not really.

Project info
Name: Prancing around the hoods
Pattern: Hoodie Dog Coat by Bernat Design Studio
Craft: Knitting
Made for Papu
Size: M

Needles: 4.0 mm circular and 3.5 mm DPNs
Yarn: Novita 7 Veljestä
Colorway: 191 blue

The pattern originally included a hood, but I decided to omit it. I liked the idea, but the hood part of the pattern was confusing me. I couldn't picture it in my head so I thought it might be better to play safe than to knit something that only slightly resembles a hoodie.

I found the rest of the pattern quite confusing too, but I guess it was just written in a way that I wasn't familiar with. The sweater itself wasn't difficult to knit because the construction is quite simple. It's just one flat piece with two holes in it and some shaping decreases in the end. I wonder how the pattern was able to make it sound way more complicated? Anyway.

Papu is actually shivering from cold in this picture...
I'm very pleased with this project as it was my first attempt to knit a dog sweater. I had no idea would the sweater actually fit Papu's body type... but it did quite closely. Even the leg openings are quite perfectly positioned. And what is most important: Papu seems to feel comfortable when she wears it. She doesn't mind it at all. Though one time I found her laying on the kitchen floor one leg stuck inside the sweater. She just laid there looking sad until I saved her. Fortunately she wasn't trapped for a long time, just couple of minutes I guess.

She looks happy and pleased, doesn't she?
I'm currently knitting a second dog sweater with the same pattern, but I'm making some modifications to it. The collar is going to be ribbed and much higher so it would be very warm, and I'm also increasing the length of the middle part. I want to cover as much of her tummy as possible. I hope it turns out better than the first one!

Finnish summary: Tuli vihdoinkin neulottua ensimmäinen koiran villapaita. Silloin kun Papu tuli, niin suunnittelin kutovani sille vaikka mitä, mutta sitten kudoinkin pelkästään muita juttuja. Ja millainen neuloja olisin jos en omalle koiralleni saisi yhtä paitaa neulottua? Aika surkea! 

Nyt Pavulla kuitenkin on paita. Suunnittelin neulovani kyseisen paidan Elinan kanssa samaan aikaan, mutta Elina ehtikin kutoa sitten oman paitansa paljon aikaisemmin. Ei kyllä varsinaisesti yllätänyt. Ohjeessa oli alunperin huppukin, mutta en ymmärtänyt miten se olisi pitänyt neuloa. Ohje oli muutenkin tosi epäselvä ottaen huomioon kuinka yksinkertainen koko paita sitten loppujen lopuksi oli. Lopputulokseenkin olen ihan tyytyväinen. Osui tosi lähelle sopivaa heti ensimmäisellä kerralla. Papukin tuntuu tykkäävän siitä.


Elina said...

It really is weird how such a simple pattern can be made to sound so difficult.

Turpo's sweater fits very snugly. I hope it doesn't stretch when it gets wet from the snow. And she's comfortable in it too! She fell asleep wearing it. :D

I want to knit another dog sweater too, but I think I might try some other pattern. Maybe I'll wait until snow time to see if there are some practical things to consider for the next sweater.

Amoena said...

I would like to knit a seamless doggie sweater, because I'm not so good at sewing edges together... My seams look so amateurish. Though I'll never learn how to do it well if I never actually do it. Uh-oh.

Btw, I want to see pictures of Turpo wearing the sweater!

Allison said...

I just discovered your wonderful blog. You have very lucky and loved dogs!

kalyxcorn said...

lovely!!! still itchin to do the little hoodie mouse thingy! :)

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