Thursday, December 2, 2010

How many options do we need?

I finally got my hands on Cookie A’s Sock Innovation ! I read about the book from Ravelry and I got curious because all the comments were so praising. It seemed like the bible of sock knitting. So of course I wanted to read it too! Since I’m not really into buying knitting books (thanks to Ravelry) I thought I could just go and borrow it from the library. What I didn’t think of was the popularity of the book. There’s only three copies of Sock Innovation in our metropolitan library and they were all borrowed at the moment. So I made a reservation so I could get it next. Too bad there was like 18 people before me thinking about the same thing. Each person can have the book for a month... so you can guess that it was a really long wait.

But eventually I got it, and I only had to wait it like... for a year. They should seriously get more copies, since waiting a year for one sock book is completely insane. The wait was worth it though.

I was surprised by the “how to design your own socks” section of the book. I expected it only to have sock patterns so I was really pleased by the technical content. There’s just one problem... Now I kinda want to own the book so I could go back to it when I want to design my own socks, which is not right now since I’m busy with the Christmas presents. I don’t want to wait it for another year! By the way, they’ve just published the book in Finnish, but according to Ravelry it was a really shitty translation and the publisher decided to pull it back from the market and to give a new copy to everyone who purchased the first edition. Finnish quality indeed.

The patterns in the book were pretty, and I really liked the complexity of them. I already casted on Kai-Mei , though I already had to modify the pattern due to resizing. The pattern calls for 2.25mm DPN’s but such things don’t even exist in Finland. I used 2.5mm DPN’s instead but the sock turned out way too big. I could have switched to 2mm, which would probably have been perfect, we just don’t happen to have that size yet. Uh-oh.

I don’t get the x.25 mm and x.75 mm sizes though. We only have x mm and x.5 mm here. Are they really necessary? We’ve been fine with what we got, but it bothers me sometimes when I see those sizes in patterns. I feel like we are missing something. I guess we could order some online, but do we really need that many size options?

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fridica said...

I usually just ignore that and go for the closest up or down size... When I first saw it, I thought, wow Croatia is really shit that we don't get those .25 and .75 mm sizes in stores... But then I went to the UK and realized their stores don't keep them either - you really have to order online if you want them.

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