Sunday, December 26, 2010

The only thing I knitted for Christmas

I haven't blogged in ages. In about two months to be precise. Main reason is that I haven't had anything to blog about.  I've been knitting the Christmas present for my dad, so I haven't finished anything and I didn't have any babblish to blog about, unlike Amoena.

Anyway. When I saw the pattern pictures of Henry by Mareike Sattler , I really wanted to make one. I was a bit intimidated by the comments that it'll take forever to finish it, but I decided to knit it for Christmas anyway. At first the project progressed well. But then I guess I just lost interest. Mostly because of the repetitiveness of the pattern: one line had 452 stitches where you repeat the 4 stitch pattern over and over and over again, on every single row. It became boring quite quickly. I probably hadn't finished it yet if it hadn't been for Christmas.

And in the end I didn't have enough time. Well I did have enough time, I just didn't put enough effort into it. But it looked quite ok after binding off. I did that on the evening of 23rd so didn't really have any time to make it any bigger. It looked even better after wetting and blocking it a bit wider. But after my dad put it on, I saw that it should have been even wider and a bit longer. Length is something that I couldn't have done anything about, but if I hadn't gotten so bored with it and had knitted more often, it would have been better. If this and if that...

I hate giving presents I'm not happy with. It doesn't have to be perfect, but I just want to be happy with it. It just sucks so much to see that after countless of hours of work and effort I put into it, it still wasn't good enough. For me at least. My dad was happy with it and said that it's just fine. It's what's most important, but I know that it could have been better. Just if I had set aside that it's boring as hell and just knitted. But what's done is done. I don't have any interest of unraveling the bind off row and knitting more either. I've had enough. I'll just try to learn from my mistakes and knit something less laborious next year.

Finnish summary: Tein joululahjaksi Henry-kaulahuivin isälle, mutta siitä tuli liian kapea ja ehkä liian lyhytkin. Olisi pitänyt neuloa sitä ahkerammin, mutta sen neulominen oli vain ihan liian tylsää.

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Elina said...

I like the color. And by the thickness, I can tell it probably does really take that long to knit!

But I think the length and width are a matter of taste. Some like really long scarves that they can wrap around their necks several times, others like shorter ones, like me. And sometimes narrow is good, sometimes wider, it's good to have different scarves for different seasons and coats.

But it's also really annoying to speed-knit and not be happy with the result yourself. :I

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