Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sock to shawl

The only reason why I decided to knit socks to my mother for Christmas was the presence of the Cookie A's Sock Innovation. Since I waited for the book for almost a year, I was definitely going to knit something from it! My mother doesn't even wear woolly socks, but she was the only person who was without a present at the time. So I carefully chose Kai-Mei sock pattern and casted on...

Lovely pattern, poor adaptation.
The pattern was great and I really loved to knit the lace section. The only problem was the yarn, or the mismatch of the yarn and the pattern. The pattern just didn't work with the yarn I chose. Though I didn't technically choose the yarn either. It was just a random purchase I had made some time earlier, and it happened to be the only suitable yarn in my stash when I decided to knit the socks.

After I finished the first sock I realized that it was bad. It did not fit, the stitches were too loose, the yarn hid the lace... I had no other option that to frog the whole thing. I also realized that changing the pattern would not fix the problem. It was the yarn. The yarn didn't want to be socks, socks that were very likely to be unused.

I browsed Ravelry projects to get some fresh ideas, and soon I fell in love with a Haruni shawl made with my sock reluctant yarn. And it seems that Haruni and Regia Hand-Dye Effect are match made in heaven. The soft and natural color transitions really work with the lace, not against it like in my previous shawls. It also made me fall in love with the yarn. I want more of it!

Showing off some colors, unrealistically of course.
I was slightly intimidated when I first started to work with this yarn. Ravelry describes it as a "splitting hell" and apparently it was supposed to tangle really easily. There's also a thin black thread in the yarn which was supposed to cause lots of problems... but I had no problems with this yarn. It knitted nicely, didn't get tangles and it wasn't splitty either. I have absolutely no complaints. I wonder why all the others were so frustrated with this yarn? It can't be the needles alone, because I knitted this with aluminum DPN's, ebony DPN's and Addi Lace circulars.

Showing off colors, this time more realistically.
The only reason why I wanted to save this project to a separate post was the possibility to show off more puppy cuteness. Papu is my trusted model, though sometimes people complain that I'm making her to do it against her will. So not true. She likes to get wrapped in warm things and I don't have to force her to stay still. She's just a natural model.

Random Niila cuteness
And I'm pretty pleased with this Haruni shawl too. This was my second one, and this one doesn't hurt my eyes like the previous one ! I could wear this myself as well. I don't know if my mother is going to wear it, she's not into knitted shawls. I'm not sure if she's into knitted anything, really. It doesn't keep me from knitting her stuff, though.

My lovely girls chilling.
I made the shawl smaller than the pattern suggested because I didn't want to run out of yarn. And I did have limited time to knit it as well. Naturally I wanted to be able to finish the shawl before Christmas, which I did, by the way. And it felt really good to knit a shawl again! There's something magical in shawl knitting. It just makes me happy, happier than any other knitting project.

Papu is a beauty, isn't she? I hope that one day Niila learns how to model too. Right now she's just too eager. She wouldn't say still for a second. And she would probably try to eat whatever I'd make her to wear. Uh-oh.

Finnish Summary: Regia Hand-Dye Effect ei halunnut taipua sukiksi, joten tein langasta sen sijaan Haruni-huivin. Huivista tuli tosi hyvä ja langastakin tuli sen jälkeen uusi suosikkini.


Elina said...

I love how your Finnish translations keep getting shorter and shorter. :D

I didn't think it looked that bad, until I really looked at the two projects closely. Now I see how the coloring really looks much better on the scarf. Kai-Mei still looks great, if you can see past the colors. Maybe it wouldn't be as sloppy with some sturdier yarn?

And now the first Haruni does look worse, too. I didn't think it looked that bad either, until I can now compare it to this new one. :D I am starting to see how the color scheme can have a huge impact on the end result! I think I'm myself still at a stage where anything theoretically well and correctly knitted = looks great, because it's still a feat in itself from my point of view.

Amoena said...

Elina: We recently decided that we'll only write really short summaries... The long ones always sounded so ridiculous :D

I'm happy that I decided to knit another Haruni. It kinda erased the bad memory from the first one. This one doesn't hurt your eyes at all. I think shawls look best in solid colors, I don't know why I always use self-striping yarns.

And I'm going definitely going to reknit Kai-Mei. The pattern was so simple and yet the sock looked nice and delicate. I just need to find the perfect yarn for them. And smaller DPNs too.

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