Saturday, December 25, 2010

Things I knitted for Christmas

Time to reveal some knitted Christmas presents! Like I've said in my previous posts, I knitted most of the Christmas gifts for my family, but I didn't want to blog about them before Christmas because I was worried to spoil the surprise. I still don't know who reads my blog and who don't.

I knitted Wurm hat for my uncle. He complained that it's too thin and therefor not too warm. In Finland hats are supposed to be like 100% wool and like super warm, and other kind of hats just won't do. I wouldn't mind a nice comfortable autumn hat though, like the one I knitted for my uncle.

Uncle Euno's worms
For my aunt I knitted a Lyon ear flap hat . I changed the buttons right before Christmas though. The original buttons were way too small. Though the hat is quite small too, it could have been slightly larger. For some reason my aunt likes to tie the ribbons under her chin...

I can use my pom pom maker for t his!
My oldest big sister got a cowl and a pair of matching mittlets . I had to mend the cowl pattern quite a it in order to get it perfect. I improvised the matching mittlets and I was so happy with them that I wrote a free Ravelry pattern for them.
I hope these stripes keep my sister warm too
Stripey Arms
For my younger big sister I knitted Ashley hat . It was the first gift I knitted and the reason why I decided to knit all the Christmas presents this year. I really liked the hat, and it seemed that my sister liked it too. She put in in her head after she unwrapped it and wore it for a very long time. Today she said to me that her friend liked the hat too and wished to have one as well. I'm not going to knit another one though, not even for money. I have knitted enough hats now.

You better like it or I hate you and give you nothing next year
There's still one knitted gift left, but I'm going to save it for later. It's worth a full post.

Finnish summary: Neulottuja joululahjoja ei tarvitse enää piilotella: enolle tein Wurm-pipon, tädille Lyon-korvaläppämyssyn, vanhimmalle isosiskolle raidalliset hartioiden ja käsien lämmittimen ja nuorimmalle isosiskolle Ashley-pipon. Yksi joululahja on vielä esittelemättä, mutta sen säästän seuraavaan postaukseen.


Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

congrats on going all hand made! It looks like you did a fabulous job and I can't wait to see the mystery gift!

Amoena said...

Sarah: It's not really a mystery, it's in Ravelry ;)

Susie said...

You got so much done! I really love that cowl.

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