Friday, February 25, 2011

My top 3 most worn projects

Hi! Some of you might still remember me. I'm the other writer of this blog. I haven't forgot about you, since Amoena's been reminding me constantly since about the beginning of the year. I haven't blogged in a while for few reasons. One is that I've been working with my Herregenser sweater. It's been quite laborious and I still have a bit over half a sleeve to go so it'll take some more time before it's finished. So I haven't really had any projects to blog about and I suck in babble blogging.

Another reason, which also is the one Amoena hasn't really understood, is that I've been quite busy with school stuff. Well more than just quite. If I have calculated correctly, after this spring I'll be almost a year ahead of my original schedule so I can continue to master level studies already next fall. So my work really has, or will have, payed off. So whenever I've had time I wasn't doing or stressing about school stuff, I'd rather spent it with Amoena or just laying on the couch, and not blogging.

But since it was about a time to blog on something, and I had no finished projects to blog about, I decided to blog about my past projects. My top 3 most worn projects to be exact. Whenever I knit, I want to knit something that has some use. So I've usually just knitted something for Amoena to wear. That way I can easily decide on pattern and colors and stuff with her and don't really have to make any major decisions just by myself without consulting her and I can just focus on knitting. So, here we go:

#1 Cabled mittens

These I made for Amoena about two years ago after she had lost her previous ones. I think these were my first mittens, and also the first time I made cables. Basically Amoena's been wearing either these ever since. And you can quite well see it from the mittens' condition.

#2 Keemosahbee scarf

This is something I made for myself. And actually it was a week before Cabled mittens, so it was quite close call that these weren't #1. The reason for that is mainly that some time ago I got a new scarf from my dad, which he had gotten from some corporation party. And it being 100% kashmir and stuff I kinda switched to it. But before that I always wore this during winters. And I still think that the pattern is superb! I really like how it looks. Only small problem is that it twists a lot. I probably should have made some kind of sturdier border for it. But at that point I couldn't tell the difference.

#3 Villasukat
Only one of the socks was willing to come out of their hide.

This one was quite a bit harder. It was either these, the Horcrux Socks I made for Amoena after Papu had a taste of these, or my Sampo cardigan, which I've worn a lot too. I'm actually wearing it right now. But these socks lasted for a year, I think. And I'm quite sure that Amoena wore these more than the others. I actually started knitting with this project. Amoena gave me Stitch n' Bitch - Knitters handbook and set of dpns for Christmas, and this is what I managed to produce with them. I actually knitted wrong at that point: every single stitch I made was twisted.

So, these are the top 3. Though I'm still a bit uncertain about the third place. But Villasukat being my first knitted project ever, it has earned its place. The Cabled mittens will probably stay #1 since they are the only one of these still in use. Sampo will probably rise to #2 some time soon. But I have no clue about the next #3.

Finnish summary: En ole hetkeen saanut projekteja valmiiksi, pääasiassa koska teen itselleni työlästä villapaitaa, mutta koulukiireet ovat myös vieneet oman aikansa. Piti kuitenkin keksiä jotain blogattavaa, joten tässä kolme eniten käytössä kulunutta neulostani.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Marking my stitches

I got us some stitch markers from WorstedKnitt. I wanted to surprise J.R. and to give him something to blog between his big knitting projects. You know, this is supposed to be a couple blog, but it's mostly me who's blogging here. But he still hasn't blog about his and I got tired of waiting. I want to blog about my stitch markers now before it's been so long ago that it would be stupid to write about them.

My stitch markers were a special request. WorstedKnitt had many pretty sets in her webstore, but I wanted something more simpler and lighter. I knit a lot of lace shawls and sometimes I knit with lace weight yarn. I wanted my stitch markers to be as delicate as the things I knit. So she made me these:

Just simple turquoise beads. There is actually four in the set; two for the center stitch and two for the edges as I figured. After I saw these little one I got all inspired and wanted to make my own too. Not for sale, but for our use and maybe for giveaways. My mother has a really nice collection of beads and she's more than happy to let
me use them too. I just need to get the other material.

Finnish summary: Hankin meille silmukkamerkkejä WorstedKnittiltä. Pyysin itselleni erityisen kevyitä ja yksinkertaisia merkkejä, ja sain juuri mitä halusin. Nähtyäni nämä pikkuruiset ajattelin, että voisin tehdä niitä myös itselleni. Helmiä saisin äidiltäni, mutta muut tarvikkeet tarvitsee hankkia vielä itse.