Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Marking my stitches

I got us some stitch markers from WorstedKnitt. I wanted to surprise J.R. and to give him something to blog between his big knitting projects. You know, this is supposed to be a couple blog, but it's mostly me who's blogging here. But he still hasn't blog about his and I got tired of waiting. I want to blog about my stitch markers now before it's been so long ago that it would be stupid to write about them.

My stitch markers were a special request. WorstedKnitt had many pretty sets in her webstore, but I wanted something more simpler and lighter. I knit a lot of lace shawls and sometimes I knit with lace weight yarn. I wanted my stitch markers to be as delicate as the things I knit. So she made me these:

Just simple turquoise beads. There is actually four in the set; two for the center stitch and two for the edges as I figured. After I saw these little one I got all inspired and wanted to make my own too. Not for sale, but for our use and maybe for giveaways. My mother has a really nice collection of beads and she's more than happy to let
me use them too. I just need to get the other material.

Finnish summary: Hankin meille silmukkamerkkejä WorstedKnittiltä. Pyysin itselleni erityisen kevyitä ja yksinkertaisia merkkejä, ja sain juuri mitä halusin. Nähtyäni nämä pikkuruiset ajattelin, että voisin tehdä niitä myös itselleni. Helmiä saisin äidiltäni, mutta muut tarvikkeet tarvitsee hankkia vielä itse.


WorstedKnitt said...

Kiva että olivat mieleiset - niitä on oikeasti helppo tehdä, kannattaa kokeilla!
Glad you liked them, and have fun making your own ones!

Rebekah said...

These are so pretty! I adore them!

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