Monday, March 14, 2011

Tsunomnom socks

I finished my Tsunomnom socks a long time ago. A long, long time ago. I just didn't like them at first. I don't know what particularly put me off with them. It wasn't the color of the yarn since I was very fond of the grey/brown combination. And it wasn't the pattern because I liked those lazy diamonds and simple cables. But it must have been something because it made me put the socks away for almost a month.

Tsunomnom socks in all their glory.
But then I started to feel guilty for not wearing them. They were perfectly OK as a socks. They had a heel, toe and cuff. So I just made myself to wear them. And to my surprise, they turned out be a nice little socks. Perfect size, perfect shape, perfect color and perfect thickness. Now that I have worn them for a month in a daily basis, I think they're my favorite socks. And they already kinda look like they've been worn a lot.

Some random Niila cuteness.
Project info
Name: Tsunomnom
Pattern: Tsunami by Judy Sumner
Size: 38-39
Needle: US 1½ - 2.5 mm
Yarn: Lana Grossa Meilenweit Solo Tono
Colorway: 5223

What do you like about my leopard print pants? Aren't they hawt?
I tend to give original names to my projects instead of just naming them "socks" and "mittens". The story behind "Tsunomnom" is a simple word play. "Nami nami" is a Finnish version of "om nom nom", so instead of naming the socks "Tsunami" like the original pattern calls them, I named then "Tsunomnom".


Alexandra said...

They look lovely! Warm and soft! :) I love the name!

Amoena said...

Alexandra: And I think the name is also more appropriate at this time :P

Ellen said...

Unless you think the Nami Nami might encourage the dogs to nosh on them? That would be bad . . .

atangledyarn said...

awesome socks, but sweeeeeeet leggings! :)

Temporary:Secretary said...

they look so comfy and cosy! x

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