Thursday, July 14, 2011

Once a upon a time there was a skein of Novita Puro...

I bought a skein of Novita Puro because I thought it was pretty. I'm not normally into pink, I think it's my least favorite color, but this time the pink just begged me to give it a try. I just liked how it was combined with lilac and light brown. I had my suspects though so I only bought one skein. Sometimes this kind of yarn looks horrible when knitted.

So I have a skein of  new yarn, now what to do with it? You can't do much with fifty grams of bulky yarn. It had to be something small, something smaller than a pair mittens. And finally it hit me: I needed a coaster for my mug at work. I always forget to wipe dry the bottom when I wash it and a coaster would be nice so I wouldn't have to mind about the wet circles anymore. So a coaster it was. I grabbed my hook and made this:

I didn't like it. It wasn't pink and girly as I expected it to be. It was dirty-looking and brown and the shape was totally off. It was supposed to resemble a flower. I had no other choice than to grab my hook again and try something else:

It's pink and girly and looks more like a flower. But I didn't like it. I liked it even less than the first one. And the more I looked at the two coasters the more I started to like the first one. It wasn't bad. Pink isn't really my color and I liked how the pink faded to brown. It was more sturdier too because I had crocheted it with a smaller hook. Yes, indeed the first one was better so I decided to give the second one to my coworker as I thought she might need a coaster too.

And she did. She liked the coaster so much that she asked me to crocher her an extra one. She wanted to have one for her to admire and one to keep under the mug. Since I still had yarn left, I crocheted her a new one according to his requirements: she especially wanted the petals to be pink :

I didn't like that one either, but luckily my coworker did. She was even more pleased with this one that the first one and she showed them both to our other coworker and asked her if she wanted to have one too since she knew I still had yarn left and the materials with me. And so I was requested to crochet a fourth one. I grabbed my hook once again and made this :

And that way I ended up crocheting three relatively hideous flower coasters, and one relatively nice one. To be fair, they look nicer when in natural light and in use:

I like to see the coaster pictures lined up like in this post. The coasters look so different to each other that it's hard to guess they're from the same skein. That's the beauty and the curse of Novita Puro. I'm not sure if I want to use it again though as I can't never tell how it turns out.

PS: I am Amoena Online on Google+ and I would like to add more knitters to my knitting circle; feel free to advertise yourself or to ask an invitation!


Elina said...

I can't believe those are all from the same skein! like the colors in all Puro colorways, but it really is the problem at the same time. In addition to the poor quality of the yarn. Why knit something that is going to be fluffy in a week. But coasters are a great idea! I really need one too.

Myrsky said...

So sweet! (Annoin teille tunnustuksen, käykää kurkkaamassa

MysteryStitcher said...

Tyrmäävän upeaa!

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