Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The real pullover of eternity

It's been a year of big projects. At least that's how I reason to myself why I haven't been posting anything in a while. But I've finished them all, at last. It takes time to knit a sweater and a cardigan at the same time, but I've done for now. I started to knit this sweater in October,  but as I didn't knit it in November, December and some of January, I'd like to think that it took me "just" six months to finish. But enough of unnecessary reasonings and more pictures:

Project info
Name: Herregenser til meg
Pattern: Herregenser by Sandnes Design
Size: XS
Needles: 2.5mm, 3mm
Yarn: Garnstudio Drops Alpaca
Colorway: 0517

I don't remember having any trouble whatsoever during the project. Pattern was very short, as they usually are in the magazines, but it had all the information you need. Overall very straightforward pattern; just knit from the bottom to the top in a simple cable pattern, attach sleeves and knit the collar. Basic sweater. Drops Alpaca is also soooo soft, so I'm very, very pleased that I decided to go with it, even though it was thin. But also because it's so thin, about light-fingering (no matter what Ravelry says), the sweater is almost wearable even in the summer. The 3mm (US 2½) needles were big enough so that the knit is airy, letting wind blow through. But when the wind stops, sweating begins.

Niila wanted to get to the picture too.

Even though I used thin-ish yarn and small-ish needles, it wasn't really a 6 month long project. I just lost my interest in it sometime in February or March. I then started to knit the cardigan for my mom, and in the end I finished them about at the same time.

It took me so long to finish these, that I have nothing I'd want to knit next. Usually when the projects last for a few weeks, I always know what to knit next, but now I have no idea. I haven't even been browsing Ravelry in months. I could maybe fix the sweater I knitted for Amoena last summer. It needs some serious shaping. Or perhaps crochet a doily for a flower pot so that it won't ruin the chair it's on. I don't know.


Elina said...

Niila sure looks like she wants to be in the picture :D

I'm not surprised you lost interest at some point, since the pattern is so simple and the yarn light fingering. My own sweater project also has light fingering yarn and guess how much I've been knitting lately.. and I've only started with the back piece!

Did you try this on several times during knitting to see if it would fit right?

J.R. said...

I did try it on a few times. At the beginning to see I have correct amount of stitches. Then before binding off the sleeve parts to see that the length is fine. And again after finishing the body part to see how it looks. Same with the first sleeve, just checked that I have a good amount of stitches and that the length is correct. I knitted the second sleeve the same way I knitted the first one so there was no need to test that on.

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