About J.R.

Hi & welcome!

I'm J.R. and I write this blog with my girlfriend. We live together in Espoo, Finland, with Papu and Niila, our miniature pinschers.

I met Amoena while I was working at Hammasväline after high school. We started dating in spring 2008 and I moved in in the summer shortly after I had finished my military service. Now I'm studying forest economics at the university of Helsinki.

Knitting & Crocheting

Like about everybody else in Finland, I too have learnt to crochet chain in the elementary school but that was about it. Amoena had seen some amigurumis on the web and wanted to learn to crochet those. I decided to give it a try too. Since I knew practically nothing about crocheting, I borrowed a book from library and learnt some basic stitches. Soon after I was crocheting amigurumis happily.

That lasted for a while, until Christmas, when Amoena gave me Stitch 'n Bitch knitters handbook by Debbie Stoller and some double pointed needles. I learnt how to cast on, knit and purl from the book and it wasn't long until I had finished my first pair socks. Well, of course I had done something wrong and all my stitches were twisted, but still, my socks looked like socks. After that I have knitted, and naturally improved a lot. I like to make something practical, something for someone to wear. That's probably why I nowadays prefer knitting over crocheting.


I hadn't blogged at all before I started writing this with Amoena. It's a bit tough sometimes, since Amoena has blogged for like forever and knows about everything about this whole blogging thing, and I only little. Not that Amoena demands too much from me or anything, I just sometimes feel that I should know and do more. Anyway, despite the differences with our knowledge, we're blogging together.

Other hobbies & interests

Beside knitting and school stuff, I also have some houseplants to take care of. I'm quite happy how the plants are doing here with only one window. I also have played around with computers for years. Even though I'm not doing that nerdy stuff that much anymore, I'm still very much into it. I'm actually sometimes a bit jealous of Amoena's school stuff.

And of course there's a lot of activity with Papu and Niila with playing and daily walks.


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